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    Lessons for Day 5


    Grade 2, Day 5 Math: Game Day!

    Estimated Time for Activities: Approximately 30 minutes

    Things to know:

    1. If you do not have the supplied worksheets or access to any of the worksheets, it is fine to create your own based off the supplied worksheets.

    2. More specific directions are provided on each sheet/activity that goes along with these lessons. I will send these sheets through email.

    Activity 1:

    Overview: Math Game Day: Review of Addition and Subtraction Concepts

    Explanation: You will choose from several different math games to practice adding within 20, adding and subtracting within 20 and 100, and subtracting within 20. Play at least 2 of the 4 games today.


    1.     Play the games provided through email to practice addition and subtractions concepts.

    Online Resource- Check out games on Seesaw


    Language Arts (Writing)

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes


    Overview:  Practicing sight words and applying the writing process for your opinion piece on the BEST COLOR in the WORLD


    Assignments:  Unit 5- sight words, pick 2 activities of your choice.  Use your graphic organizers-reasons and details to begin to write a paragraph of “What is the BEST COLOR in the World?” on the lined paper in the packet.

    *Write a topic sentence, 3 detailed sentences using your reasons, and a concluding sentence.



    Estimated Time: 45 minutes


    Overview: Read a story using your reading strategies.  You will be implementing your decoding skills and applying your reading strategies, as good readers do.


    Assignment: Pick a story to read at home.  Visualize an event from the story.  Draw a picture of an event.


    Online Resources:  Seesaw- Visualize organizer

    Social Studies/Science

    Estimated Time: 20 minutes (Homeroom teacher)


    Overview: Create your own musical instrument and be able to demonstrate how the pitch and volume can change


    Assignment: Create your own musical instrument at home!

    Get the materials you will need.

    Create the instrument and then write about how to change the pitch and volume

    How is sound made?

    Share with someone at home and then have them practice the instrument too


    Online Resources:  Go to the Garage Band app and create a song and share it with your family or your teacher via Seesaw.  Brain pop and search sound and listen to the resources on sound, waves, hearing and analog and digital recording



    You can go on Tying Agent to work on your typing as well

    Seesaw will have activities for you too

    Look for assignments from your Art, Library, Music, QUEST and Physical Education Teachers too 😊