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     Pages you might need: 

    --Link to Mill Creek's Distance Learning Page:Mill Creek Distance Learning page 

    (Here you will find links to the specialists, reading specialists, counselors, and nurse.)

    Mental Wellness:

    --Mr. Chapman's Guidance Distance Learing Page:  (we could all use this!) https://www.cbsd.org/Page/47170

    Tech help:

    --Link to Mrs. Jansen's website for information on how to access anything you need online: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/43506


    --Mr. Losch's Band Distance Learning page is here: https://www.cbsd.org//Domain/1217

    --Mrs. Hartell's schoolwires homepage link is: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/4376 and Mrs. Hartzell's Distance Learning page link is: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/49915


    --Our reading specialist, Mrs. Harlan has gathered additional reading resources to use at home.  Click here to access her site.


    --A Link to our PEN teacher, Mrs. Davis's site: Mrs. Davis's site

    Other 5th grade teachers:

    --Link to Mr. Mole's Math Page for those students in his class:  www.cbsd.org/molenariville

    --Link to Mrs. Angelo's Page for her Math Lessons: Mrs. Angelo's site

    --Link to Mrs. Lichorobiec's Page for her Math, Reading, and/or Writing lessons: Mrs. L's site 

    --Link to Mrs. Regec's Page for her Math lessons: Mrs. Regec's site 


  • Click here for an easier to follow version of what is below... Day 5 Full Day of Distance Learning Plans


    Chambley Children’s Distance Learning for Day 5

    March 24, 2020

    Dear Chambleys,

    Good morning!

    Before we get started, here are a few things to keep in mind...

    -I will be available online today from 8-10AM and again from 2-3PM. 

    -The format on the district website is always hard to follow.  For clearer directions, please go to our Teams page for each individual subject.  Also, any materials you might need will be located on Teams. I will attach a Word doc with the lessons on there as well. (Go to Mrs. Jansen’s teacher site if you don’t know how to get on Teams: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/43506)

    -If an activity or resource is not working out, please move on. If you have the option to do something fun and meaningful with a sibling or parent and don't get to all your work---it will be ok.

    --At the top of my district learning page I have linked to all other teachers you might have as part of your school day.  Visit their pages for more information. Math should be almost the same for all of us, however there might be different optional activities listed.  

    -I miss you!! I am proud of you for helping out at home, being kind to one another, and letting your parents get their work done.  You are big kids and you can do this!  We will do it together!  

    Here we go…


    Starting the Day: It is Time for Homeroom!

    Please complete the following “Homeroom Activities.”

    • Wake up Sleepyhead! 
    • Make your bed. Pick up your dirty clothes from yesterday.  
    • Brush your teeth, eat breakfast, clear your breakfast dishes, and put some clean clothes on!
    • Give your family hugs, especially your parents.
    • Prepare your workspace for a new day.   
    • Sharpen your pencils.
    • Complete page five in your handwriting packet.
      • Trace each letter and word.  Make sure you are filling in each line on the page.
    • Log into SeeSaw if you have not already done so.
      • Check out the video I made you.
      • Make me a video!
      • I miss you all so much!


    1st Period: Math:

    Link to Mr. Mole's Math Page for those students in his class:  www.cbsd.org/molenariville

    Link to Mrs. Angelo's Page for her Math Lessons: Mrs. Angelo's site

    Link to Mrs. Lichorobiec's Page for her Math lessons: Mrs. L's site 

    Link to Mrs. Regec's Page for her Math lessons: Mrs. Regec's site 


    Day 5 Chambley Math:



    DAY #5: 


    Overview:  Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers 


    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes 


    Explanation:   Today you will review how to subtract fractions and mixed numbers.  You will also have time to play a fraction drawing game.   


    Things to know: 

    • To review Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers, please reference Ed:  Your Friend in Learning online, or your workbook pages 139-152 (Chapter 2).
    • Please visit https://www.cbsd.org/Page/1511to access tutorial videos related to accessing online Math in Focus resources. 
    • If you do not have the supplied worksheets for this day, it is fine to create your own based off the supplied worksheets.



    • Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers worksheet:
    • Complete the worksheet.
    • Play “Fraction Sketch”
    • One player chooses a fraction or mixed number (you could also use your number cards to created fractions or mixed numbers).  
    • Draw a picture which showcases that fraction or mixed number.  As a challenge, try to not simply use polygons such as a circle, rectangle, square, triangle, etc...   
    • The second player tries to guess both what you are drawing as well as the fraction or mixed number you are representing. 
    • Consider taking pictures or your drawings, if possible, to share with your teacher.
    • If there is only one player, simply choose or create a fraction and draw it.  Then, consider taking a picture of your drawing, if possible.


    Extra: Only do this activity if you want more practice.

    • Play “Pete the Plumber: Fractions and Mixed Numbers” on Ed: Your Friend in Learning

    How is this assignment turned into the teacher?

    • You can submit worksheet over teams, take a picture and post to SeeSaw, or email to me.



    SNACK TIME: It is nice to have a long snack session! You can take your time before “lining up” for special. Have something healthy and do something fun. 


    2nd Period: Special: Physical Education

    Physical Education with Mrs. Leuthe:  https://www.cbsd.org/Page/47173

    Get Moving and Have Some Fun!


    3rd Period: Writing:

    Link to Mrs. Lichorobiec's Page for her lessons: Mrs. L's site 

    Day 5 Chambley Writing

    Overview: Reviewing Subject and Verb Agreement as well as Verb Tenses

    Estimated Time: Approximately 25 Minutes

    Explanation: You will practice what you know about subject & verb agreement in your writing. 

    Quick Things to Know:

    • We are taking a break from your writing piece. Since we were given off Friday, I can extend our writing piece due date to 10AM on Friday. 
    • I will be continuing to comment on every person’s writing piece. Use the comments on the side of the piece to help you make needed changes.  Feel free to write back to me under the comments if you have questions.  You can also click resolve to show you took care of a suggestion or comment I made.
    • It is hard to believe it is almost time for report cards with all the changes to our regular schedule, but it is. We will spend time the rest of this week working on editing and revising your informational piece.  You will also be teacher conferencing with me over Office 365. 
    • Link to our Writing Teams Page: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3abee94e9193494c198f6b0fa1f2e7d040%40thread.skype/General?groupId=4adee991-f22c-4b52-bc7d-11dbc8544e3c&tenantId=aa0b488f-fc9e-4185-a5e3-384220df23ca
    • You will need to access your writing piece over Office 365. Remember, Mrs. Jansen’s website is an excellent resource if you forget how to do that. Link to Mrs. Jansen’s site: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/43506
    • Remember you can reach me over Teams, email, or your parents can Remind App me.


    --Brain Pop Videos for Commas: Open Brain Pop Jr. through Clever.  

    1. First Watch the Video: Subject & Verb Agreement and then Try the Hard Quiz.
    2. Link to Brain Pop Assignment: https://www.brainpop.com/dashboard/assignments/a17aea62ed931d72/periods/03501952dbdf4e34
    3. Next Watch the Video: Tenses and then Try the Hard Quiz.
    4. Link to Brain Pop Assignment: https://www.brainpop.com/dashboard/assignments/f26b9f010e74f39f/periods/03501952dbdf4e34
    5. Apply what you have learned to your writing piece. Open up your most recent copy of your informational piece.  Look for my comments and check them out.
    6. Then edit and revise looking for correct verb tense and making sure your subject and verb are in agreement.
    7. Share your piece with me over 365 or submit it on writing Teams.


    How is this assignment turned into the teacher?

    I will see your Brain Pop Jr. work over the app.  Submit your writing piece over 365, our  Writing Teams page, or email it to me.



    4th Period: Lunch/Recess:

    Go Outside and Play or Have a Brain Break Inside

    Here are some resources for Physical Activities:

    • Nourishing Storm yoga studio is offering their online classes for free to the
    • Nourishing Storm yoga studio is offering their online classes for free to the

    ...While we wait it out, and to keep your practice strong, we have opened up

    our online yoga videos free for all of our community- just follow this link

    • Here are live yoga classes:

    https://nourishingstorm.teachable.com/ and use the code “FORTHELOVE”

    • Cosmic Yoga ~ Yoga and Stories...yes please!!



    **Something else you could do…plan a scavenger hunt for someone at home.  Hide a surprise for a family member and lead them on a hunt to find it with some clues.

    5th Period: Reading

    Link to Mrs. Lichorobiec's Page for her lessons: Mrs. L's site 

    Day 5: Chambley Reading

    Overview: Reviewing Drawing Conclusions

    Estimated Time: Approximately 45 Minutes (not including Independent Reading time of approx. 20 minutes)

    Explanation: Today you will work in reading packet I sent home.

    Quick Things to Know:

    • Take out the packet from your Just in Case Folder. The packet I am talking about is the one where first page of the packet says “Main Idea” on it.
    • Don’t forget to get some independent reading time in today.
    • Remember you can reach me over Teams, email, or your parents can Remind App me.


    1. Complete Reading Packet
    • Turn to page 14 in that packet. The page will say “Drawing Conclusions.”  Please complete pages 14-16 in the packet.  Remember that in these packets, the notes at the top of the first page of each lesson are super important. 
    • Be sure you follow the directions carefully!
    1. Log Your Independent Reading Time
    • Click on the Independent Reading Assignment Listed for today in Teams. There is a copy of our Reading Log on there that you can type right on.  If that proves difficult, then print it out and use it at home this week to record your reading. 
    1. Complete Your Independent Reading
    • YAY! It is finally time for IR.  Please read for at least 20 minutes today.  If it is nice outside, try reading outside.  You know the importance of IR in our Chambley world.  Make this time super serious and super silent. 
    1. Optional: Post on Teams about what you are reading for IR
      1. Don’t forget about the possibility of using EPIC for eBooks and audiobooks.
      2. I also sent your parents a link over Remind to free audio books through Audible


    • Log in to our Reading Teams Site
    • Remember to use Mrs. Jansen’s website if you need help accessing anything from home

    Method for Turning in:

    Keep your packet in your folder.  You will turn it in when we get back to school.  Log your IR minutes on your log in the assignments tab in our Readings Team’s page.

    6th Period: Social Studies:

    Day 5: Chambley Social Studies

    Overview: American History- Early English Settlements – Chapter 6

    Time: 30 minutes

    Activity: Learn more about the first successful English colony, Jamestown.

    Quick Things to Know: Many of the things we think we know about Jamestown aren’t quite based in facts.


    1. Watch Jamestown, Part 1 on BrainPop
    2. Take the Quiz for Jamestown, Part 1
    3. Watch Jamestown, Part 2 on BrainPop:
    4. Take the Quiz for Jamestown, Part 2
    5. Optional - Complete the worksheet that goes with Jamestown Part 2 to really show what you know.

    How to Turn In Your Assignment:

    • I will see your Brain Pop work over the app.


    Last Period: It is Time for Dismissal! 

    Day 5 – we did it! 

    Love you all my Chambleys, and I will ‘see’ you tomorrow on here.  Have a great night.


    Mrs. C