• 7th Grade Social Studies:

    1. Overview: Today you will be asked to review Ancient Rome. Please head to the link below to watch a video simulation from Khan Academy of how historicans believe Ancient Rome looked at its peak. Please watch the video, and write down 3 different buildings that you come across and what the buildings were used for in Roman Society. Then, please also write in the Canvas text box what you think the most important thing we learned from the Romans was. Think back to all our notes on the topic and the video. Are they important for their religion? Their government system? Write this in 4 sentences.

    2. Time: 25-30 minutes

    3. Explanation:Please watch the video clip below. Write down 3 different buildings you see in the video on the text box on Canvas as well as what they were for in society. Then, in the text box on Canvas, please write an additional 4 sentences on what was the most important thing we learned from the Romans.

    4. Things to know: The link is below, and all writing is done in the Canvas Text Box.

    5. Tasks: Watch the video. Write 3 different buildings you see and what they were used for. Then write 4 sentences on what we learned the most about from the Romans.

    6. Links: