• Mr. Gleicher
    Biology and Chemistry Teacher
    ACS ChemClub Advisor 
    CB South High School - Room C320
    267-893-3000 x6099
    Distance Learning Information and Schedule
    All Distance Learning activities will be done using Canvas as our "hub."  The link on this page for "Distance Learning" links directly to Canvas.
    • Block 1 AP Biology will meet on Teams every Monday and Wednesday from 9:30am-10:30am.
    • Block 2 AP Biology will meet on Teams every Monday and Wednesday from 12:00pm-1:00pm.
    • Block 4 AP Chemistry will meet on Teams every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00pm-1:00pm.
    • Titan Forum can check in on Mondays at 9am on Teams.
      • Teams meeting links are available on each course's respective Canvas page, including Forum.
    Expectations for Students:
    • Daily attendance at my Teams meetings.
      • The link to those meetings can be found on the Canvas Discussions page for the class.
      • Each day will have its own dedicated Discussion thread.
    • Submission of all assignments by their posted due dates.
    • Behavior consistent with that outlined in CB's Online Meeting Guidelines.


    Office Hours

    • Most times, I can be reached "live" during the schedule listed above (exceptions may apply).
    • I can be reached at all times via email.  Please allow 24 business hours for reply.


    Classroom Tools

    • The course will be using Canvas to provide daily instructions.
    • Office Hours will be held through Microsoft Teams, available to every student through a Central Bucks Office 365 subscription and a free app available for phones.
    • This site ("Schoolwires") will not be used other than as a front page.


    Grading and Other Questions

    • First, check the Canvas Discussion thread called: "Distance Learning Phase 2: How Does this All Work?"
    • Contact me through Canvas or email as needed.