• Math in focus - Day 6:

    Tuesday, March 24, 2020

    All Math in Focus students may follow the plans below. 
    Check with your math teacher regarding how she would like you to share your work.

    **Pre-algebra students should visit Mrs. Bucher's website**


    Overview:  Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Decimals

    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes

    Explanation:   Today you will review adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.  


    Things to know:

    • When adding and subtracting decimals, remember to line up the decimals, which will line up your place values.
      • Please reference Ed Your Friend in Learning online, or your workbook pages 121-126.
    • When multiplying decimals, you do not need to line up the decimals.  Instead, count how many decimal places are in the problem.  After solving, count from left to right to make sure you have the same number of decimal places in your answer.
      • To review multiplying decimals, please reference Ed: Your Friend in Learning online, or your workbook pages 127-134.
    • When dividing decimals, remember the two big rules: "Decimal inside, raise it to the roof," and "Decimal outside, it needs to slide, then what you did outside you must also do inside the house."
      • To review dividing decimals, please reference Ed: Your Friend in Learning online, or your workbook pages 135-142.
    • There are no pre-made worksheets for today.
    • To review these concepts, you can check out Chapter 3 using Ed Your Friend in Learning


  • Tasks for Today:

    • Continue recording the daily temperature on your chart.
    • Self-made Questions:
      • Shuffle your set of number cards.
      • Flip over 3 cards and place them in front of you in a horizontal line to make a 3-digit number. Flip over 3 more cards and place these under each of the first three to make another 3-digit number.  Add a decimal to each number either after the first or second digit. 
      • On a separate piece of paper, Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide the decimal numbers you created.  
        • Example: Cards flipped = 2, 4, 3 and 7, 1, 5

                                7.15                 7.15            71.5             71.5 / 2.43 = 
                            +  2.43              - 2.43          x 2.43

    • Repeat 2 times. You will have 8 problems on your separate of paper.    
    • Optional Language Arts Connection:
      • Take some time to write a math story. You may write or type this story.  Try to use each of the four mathematical operations (+, -, x, ÷) while dealing with decimals in your story.  Some possibly story ideas are listed below, you may also develop your own.
        • The Decimal Duo are a superhero team that helps students learn about decimals…
        • A baker is having trouble with proper proportions in their bakery, which causes many interesting products…
        • A detective must use decimals to solve a difficult case…
      • Although it is not required, consider adding illustrations.


    Have more time for math practice?


    Share today's work:

    Remember, your work today is not graded, but I'd love to see what you've done. You can share your work with me through Teams, email (jsnyder@cbsd.org), Seesaw, or share your composition book with me when we return to school.