• Week 2 Day 2 (Day 5): 3/24/20 

    6th Grade Prealgebra Distance Learning Activity, Day 5: Math 

    Overview: You will complete application problems from the last 4 review lessons.

    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes

    Explanation:  This is an opportunity to apply what you have reviewed over the last 4 lessons to complete application problems.  You will write your work on paper and let me know if you have any questions.

    Things to know:

    1. Do your best on each problem. 
    2. Complete the problems on notebook paper.
    3. You do not need to write the entire word problem down, but you do need to show all of your work.  


    1. On page 88, complete problems 22 and 23  
    2. On page 89, complete problems 52 and 54
    3. On page 90, complete problems 65 and 66
    4. On page 133, complete problems 37, 38, 55 and 56
    5. On page 134, complete problems 63, 65, 66 and 75 and 77
    6. Turn this assignment in to me and I will provide you with feedback and ask you to correct problems that are not correct.  

    How is this assignment turned in to the teacher: please hang on to your work to turn in to me when class resumes.

    Reading: Day 5

    Overview: Read Tuck Everlasting and respond to comprehension questions.

    Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes

    Explanation of Assignment: Using your Tuck Everlasting packet you will respond to comprehension questions.

    Quick things to know

    When responding to comprehension questions remember to use complete sentences and text evidence to support your response.


    1. Respond to comprehension questions page 16-18. Remember to use complete sentences and text evidence to support your response. 
    2. When you have finished take a picture of something you completed and post it to Seesaw Reading Activity Day 5
    3. If you have extra time, enjoy reading your independent reading book


    -Use your Tuck Everlasting book and packet that you brought home in your grab bag.

    -If you do not have access to your Tuck Everlasting packet, I have included it under Class Materials in Teams under reading. You can just use separate sheets of paper to complete the assignments.


    Method of Communication/How this assignment is turned into the teacher: 

    - When you are finished take a picture of one of the activities above and post to the Reading Day 5 Activity in Seesaw


    Writing: Day 5 

    Overview: Finish the rough draft of the words of your picture book 

    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes 

    Explanation of Assignment: Using the packet titled, “Directions for Picture Book Assignment” you will follow THE FIRST Day 5 on the schedule.   

    Things to Know: All of the necessary elements that you filled into the “Story Elements Organizer” on Page 2 yesterday will need to be put into the rough draft of your story on the “Illustration and Scene Narration Organizer.” Hopefully, you created a plot mountain on a separate sheet of paper to map out an entire overview of your plot and help you to pace your story appropriately yesterday. Today, you will be writing the rough draft words for pages/scenes 9-10 (and any extra scenes you want to include) of your picture book starting on Page 7-9 , “Illustration and Scene Narration Organizer,” in your packet. 


    1. Follow THE FIRST Day 5 (I’m sorry that I made a mistake on the numbered days and will try to be as specific as possible in the directions) on the schedule page of your “Directions for Picture Book Assignment”
    2. THE FIRST Day 5instructs you to complete Pages 7-8 in your “Directions for Picture Book Assignments” packet 
    3. On pages 7-9 in your “Directions for Picture Book Assignment” you must write a rough draft of the words for your picture book for scenes 9-10 and any additional scenes you want to include. Each scene represents a different page for your picture book. Please do not start of the illustrations. You should ONLY be writing the words for scenes 9-10 and any additional scenes today.  Be sure as you write, you proofread for spelling, capitalization and punctuation. Vary your word choice and sentence structure to add style.
    4. If you are finished early and are looking for additional practice, go onto your MobyMaxaccount and work on Language 


    1. Use your “Directions for Picture Book Assignment” packet that you brought home in your grab bag
    2. If you do not have access to your “Directions for Picture Book Assignment” packet, I have included in Class Materials in Writing in Teams and in a previous parent email. You can just use separate sheets of paper to complete the assignments. 

    Method of Communication/How this assignment is turned into the teacher: 

    1. The final picture book assignment will be handed-in in-person when we return to school. We will share our final picture books in small groups.


    Social Studies: Day 5

    Overview: Explore Hindu beliefs about Deities   

    Estimated Time: Approximately 20 minutes

    Explanation of Assignment: Digitally on TCI, you will complete section 5: Beliefs about Deities.   

    Things to Know: The chapter, Learning About World Religion: Hinduism, will take approximately 3 weeks to complete.  Students will be reading each section of the chapter and answering comprehension questions in their notebook. To conclude the chapter, students will complete a one-pager to showcase their new learning.


    1. Read chapter 15 section 5: Beliefs about Deities on TCI.  All students have access to the text through Office 365 in their TCI app.
    2. Digitally on TCI in assignments complete section 5. 
    3.    Post a picture of section 5 when finished to Seesaw in activities.


    1. Complete section 5 digitally through TCI


    Special/Other: Day 5

    1. For special today, we have library with Mrs. Herwig. 
    • To find links to the specialists, reading specialists, counselors, and nurse, click here to access the Mill Creek Distance Learning.