• Date: 03/24/2020

    Functional Academics

    Overview-Read “March Madness” Story  

    Estimated Time: 45 minutes

    Task: Read the “March Madness” story with a family member and complete game, review, puzzle, sudoku, and think page. If you do not have a printer you can read the story on the computer and write your answers on paper to what applies.

    Method of Communication: Send me a picture of one of the completed pages (game, review, puzzle, sudoku and think page). *It is not a requirement that you send me back a picture.

    Independent Living

    Overview- Meal Prep. Have your child help with as much meal prep as he/she can during this time off. They will continue to reinforce domestic skills we they work on in school. I will send some recipes that students can follow, but your child should be able to help with any meal prepping you do at home.

    Estimated Time: 45 minutes 

    Task: The students will make his/her own meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) for today with what he/she has at home in their kitchen. Make “Tuna Melts”. Click on this video for directions.  https://flipgrid.com/2d958094

    Step 1- Wash and dry your hands.

    Step 2- Gather food items or ingredients.

    Step 3- Gather materials.

    Step 4- Follow recipe instructions (modify the meal to the food you have in your kitchen).  

    Step 5- Clean up.

    Step 6- Answer follow up questions on what you made.  Print out or write on a separate piece of paper the answers to the “Today’s Lunch” worksheet. If you cannot write the answers, respond with a verbal response on communication device.

    Method of Communication: Send me a picture of the meal after you make it. *It is not a requirement that you send me back a picture.


    Overview-Cleaning tables & Starting Job Application

    Estimated Time- 45 minutes

    Tasks- Have you child practice cleaning the tables throughout your house. Review the steps from the attached e-mail with your child and have him/her practice on their own.

    Job Application- Print out and practice the job application. If you child can not complete the application have him/her continue to practice their personal information or just writing out their name (see attached job application).

    Method of Communication: Send me a short video clip of you practicing the chore. *It is not a requirement that you send me back a picture/video.

    *Modified activity- If your child is unable to perform vacuuming or washing dishes, have him/her practice sorting objects into bins by color or size (objects can be blocks, laundry, or whatever you have in your house).