• 7th Grade Social Studies:

    1. Overview:

    Hi guys! Since we had off distance learning on Friday, I wanted to do one more day of review for Ancient Greece. Today you will be asked to do the following:

    a. Check out this link of a 3D tour for some of the ruins of Ancient Greece. You will find on the left hand side of the website the different places you can visit. Choose 3 locations to tour with the 360 degree look, the photos provided, or there are some video clips of panoramic views. It is soooooo cool!! (5-7 minutes)    Link (Links to an external site.)

    b. Please write in the text box below, 3 facts from the three different sites you visit today on your tour of Ancient Greece. For example, maybe I choose 3 facts from the Acropolis, 3 facts from the Parthaneon, and 3 facts from the Temple of Athena Nike pages. (10)

    c. Please write a paragraph response to the following journal entry (4-6 sentences). We study Ancient Greece for all they had, so what do you think our civilization will be known for in history classes hundreds of years from now? Things to consider when answering this question. Will malls, supermarkets, concert venues, and movie theaters still exist? (10 minutes)

    2. Time: 25-30 minutes

    3. Explanation:You will be asked to visually tour the 360 degree virtual tour of Ancient Greece, and also look at the images of the site! Have fun with that step. Then, choose 3 sites from the left hand site and read the information about that site. Please write down 3 things from the site you learned about each place you visit. I should receive 9 bullet points in total. Then, write 4-6 sentences about how you think our civilization will be remembered in history.

    4. Things to know: You have to use the link below to get to the website. The different sites are on the left hand side. If there is a virtual 360 tour it will say it in the bottom right hand corner of the image, if not, it is just an image! They are not all 360 degrees.

    5. Tasks: a. hang out in Ancient Greece taking virtual tours and looking at images. Write three facts from three different sites you look at within the website. Then write 4-6 sentences about how you like our civilization will be remembered in history books hundreds of years from now.

    6. Links: