• Distance Learning Plan - Spanish

    Date:  Monday, March 23rd, 2020


    Please see the lesson details below and email me with any questions!


     Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes (or less)


    Explanation (learning goal): 

    • Review how to express what happened in the past in Spanish; Practice new vocabulary expressions


    Materials :  https://www.cbsd.org/canvas


    Method of Communication:





    1. Discussion Board¿Qué hiciste durante el fin de semana?  

    En Canvas:  Escribe cinco cosas que hiciste durante el fin de semana.  Puedes compartir una foto si quieres 😊.  (After you write your post, please comment on at least one other student’s post en español.)  Remember to say “on Saturday” you say “el sábado…”.



    1. Escribamos:  Pretérito/ Imperfecto  March 23  


    En Canvas:  Escribe 10 oraciones con verbos en el pretérito y el imperfecto.

    5 sentences using verbs in preterit with explanation why and 5 sentences using verbs in the imperfect with explanation why.  For example:

    Nosotros escuchábamos música mientras ellos jugaban fútbol.  (Imperfect because it explains 2 simultaneous actions, neither is completed.)



    1. Escuchemos:   Toledo

    En Canvas:  Mira el video sobre la historia de Toledo.  Escribe 3 oraciones en español (en el text box) que describen información interesante sobre Toledo.

    (The narrator speaks fast and you may find it a bit challenging!  However, we have already studied Toledo and you already know a lot of this information.) 





    1. Mania Músical de marzo

    En Canvas:  We will join other CB Spanish classes for a March Madness style listening to music competition!  Each day you will listen to 2 songs and vote on which song will move forward in the competition.  Have fun with it and learn some new songs!