• Reading Learning Opportunities for Day 6, Wednesday, March 25, 2020


    • Today I will read to become a better reader.

    Estimated time:

    • 30 to 35 minutes


    •  Read to develop critical thinking skills…
    • Read for enjoyment

    Three quick things to remember:

    1. Before reading, look at the title and ask yourself “What do I predict the story will be about?”
    2. During reading, think about the word meanings. Think about the words around tricky words to get clues as to what they mean.
    3. After reading, refer back to the text to locate details/support your answers.


    • Yellow Packet: Poem  6 “Don’t Give Up”- read and answer questions

    Continue with:  Virtual story times with some favorite children’s book authors!!

                **There are so many options to look at.  Keep on exploring and listening!

                There are some live, scheduled options and some recordings. 

                 Check out this website site for more information!

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