ALL GRADES – Hand Hockey

    Physical Education

    Overview: My brother and I used to play this growing up. You can play 1 on 1 or teams of 2 if you have more family members. You will need a large room and create two goals, marking the posts with shoes, cones or whatever you have around the house. Players must be on their knees and use their hand as a hockey stick. Finally, you will need a soft foam or plush ball about the size of a tennis ball.

    Estimated Time: 

    10-15 minutes to an hour

    Explanation of Activity: Players are on their knees and try to hit the ball into their opponent’s goal using their hand as a hockey stick. Players can move around the playing area on their knees and may only hit the ball with the palm or back of their hand. At no time can the ball be “covered up”(picked up or placed under your body). Doing so means that you must give the ball to the opponent. The first person to score 10 goals wins.

    Quick things to know: 

    Be mindful of how you play the game with players of varying skill level. The objective is to have fun without making the game too challenging for any of the players. Make modifications to create a level playing field.

    Reflection: A sixth grade student is about to play a game of hand hockey with a 2nd grade student. Can you think of some game modifications to make the game fair and fun for both players?