• ALL GRADES – Indoor Bowling

    Physical Education

    Overview: 1 ball and up to 10 of any similar item to represent pins are needed to play

    Estimated Time: 

    20-30 minutes

    Explanation of Activity: 

    1. Select an item to use as the “pins” for the game. This can be water bottles, action figures, empty cups, etc. Anything that can be set up and knocked over.
    2. Arrange them the way bowling pins are usually set up or create your own formation for your pins.
    3. Use a medium sized ball for knocking the pins down.
    4. Set a starting line and take turns attempting to knock all the pins down.
    5. The easiest way to keep score is to give out one point for each pin knocked down.


    Quick things to know: 

    Be creative! Use chairs as obstacles to bowl around, play from the top to the bottom of the steps. Maybe even make a ramp you need to use to get to the pins! Try playing the game by kicking the ball instead of rolling it!

    Reflection: A sixth grade student is about to play a game of hand hockey with a 2nd grade student. Can you think of some game modifications to make the game fair and fun for both players?