• ALL GRADES – Flashlight Tag

    Physical Education

    Overview: Can be played in the house or around the yard at night. Can be played with 2 people or more. You will need a flashlight to play the game.

    Estimated Time: 

    10-15 minutes to an hour

    Explanation of Activity: To be played outside at night or in a dark house. One player is “it”, closes their eyes and counts to 10 while the other players hide. The player that is “it” turns on the flashlight and begins to look for other players. Once the light is shined on another player, that person is now “it” and immediately starts to count to ten once they have the flashlight. All other players can continue to move around the house, or yard trying to avoid being “tagged” by the light.

    Game Variation “SCAVENGER HUNT” – Hide 10-15 stuffed animals around the house and set a timer for 3 minutes. On the word “go” the player with the flashlight must go around the house and find as many animals as they can in 3 minutes. Players take turns hiding the animals.

    Quick things to know: 

    Set boundaries for outdoor or indoor play and make sure all players know where they can and can’t go to hide while playing.

    Reflection: Can you create modifications or new rules for flashlight tag that make the game different from the way I have explained it? Let me know what you come up with by emailing me @ jbocklet@cbsd.org