• ALL GRADES – Lawn Golf

    Physical Education

    Overview: Select your equipment, decide on a starting point for the hole and place your flag stick whatever distance away you would like. Each person takes turns hitting or kicking their ball. The person who hits the flag stick with the least amount of ball strikes wins and gets to make the next hole.

    Estimated Time: 

    10-15 minutes to an hour

    Explanation of Activity: Play a round of golf on your own or with family members. This version can be played with golf clubs and foam or wiffle practice golf balls OR you can play the soccer version using a soccer ball and your own foot as the club! You will also need a box, hula hoop or any other object to represent the “flag stick”. To finish each hole you just need to hit the hula hoop, box etc. with your ball.

    Quick things to know: 

    Be creative about hole placement and decide ahead of time if gardens, flower beds etc. are considered out of play areas.

    Reflection: Can you design your own game using any sports equipment you have at home? If you do, please send pics and a description to Mr. Bocklet @ jbocklet@cbsd.org. I want to see what you come up with!