• FlipGrid & CiviBalls Monday! AGENDA

        Marvelous Monday Science Peeps!

        Welcome to Day 5 of our Distance Learning :-)

        • Overview: Physics: Motion

        • Estimate Time: 30 minutes

        • Explanation:
          • Students will work through the Distance Learning Module for today.

        • Tasks
          • IN CANVAS complete the following Distance Learning activities:
            1. Complete Week 1 Distance Learning Response in FlipGrid
            2. Access FlipGrid using this provided link: Link (Links to an external site.)
              • Be sure to sign in using your school login information with Microsoft 
              • It will say FlipGrid Fridays (since it was set up for Friday & we got the day off!
                • The Topic is DL Week #1
            3. Post your FlipGrid Video
            4. Access the online game "CiviBalls".  Click the "Next" button below for the link and directions.
            5. Use physics concepts to complete each level...how many levels can you complete in 15 minutes of play?
            6. Take the "CiviBalls" Learning Check
        • Links/Activities
          • All links and activities are contained with today's Agenda Module in Canvas