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    Hello Families!

    I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!  I think we were outside MORE than we were inside this weekend.  Mr. D, Rhys, and I cleaned out the flower bed of leaves. (Let’s be honest here….I cleaned them out while the boys ran over the leaves with the tractor.  I think they had the better-end-of-the-stick in this situation.)  We also #chalkedourwalk and the trail in front of our house in hopes to bring all our neighbors some smiles when they passed.


    This week, we have a few changes that I hope will make things a little easier.  First, the district has shortened the length of time for each lesson.  Instead of each day containing about 4 hours’ worth of work, it will now be more like 3 (or even less) depending on how fast your child finishes each assignment.  Also, the other third grade teachers and I have tried to “stream-line” the lessons so they are easier for everyone to follow.  This being said, there will be only one lesson plan for each day.  Finally, I am sending you all of the lessons for the full week, Monday- Thursday.  We will not have new lessons again on Friday.   Please use this day to catch up and do something FUN! (All of these lessons can be found on my district website, incase you delete this email on accident.)


    Math workbook pages are still on Seesaw.  I will send printable versions of the same workbook pages and the resources you may need daily.  There are 4-5 pages for each day….and that is too many for one email.  Like last week, I will attached PDFs of the resources so you do not need to go on Ed Your Friend to find them.  This seemed to work out a lot better for everyone!


    Seesaw activities from last week are being archived so your child can find the work for this week easier.  If your child needs to finish a Seesaw activity from last week, please email me and I will assign it to just your child.  I will only post the Seesaw activities for each day (not for the whole week).  This will be less overwhelming for the kids!


    Thank you to everyone for your kind emails and messages.  Your caring and thankful words are so appreciative! I feel your pain in many ways having to try to work from home and help your child at the same time. As I sit here and type away, a small person is making another room in my house look as if a tornado has passed through.  He too does not want to do his school work, and fights me tooth-and-nail as we complete his letter and number pages for pre-school.  This situation is far from ideal, but I am so glad that we are all able to work together for the kids.


    Please reach out anytime with questions or concerns.  I am here to help!  Stay safe and healthy!

    Mrs. D