• Week 1 


    First Grade students are getting very good at identifying problems in stories and helping the characters come up with solutions!  In this activity we will help the Three Little Pigs design and build a house that will stay strong EVEN when The BIG BAD Wolf tries his best to blow it down! 

     Estimated Time: 20 minutes   

     Explanation of Activity/Assignment  

    • After reading The Three Little Pigs, imagine how to build a strong house out of recycled items you have in your house.  Examples of items: boxes, straws, paper towel or toilet paper tubes, water or juice bottles and caps, scraps of paper, etc.   
    • Draw and label your design on the planning sheet. 
    • Build your design. 
    • Test your design and record your data using the test sheet. 

    Quick things to know 

    If you are unable to print the planning and test sheet, you can use paper to design and keep track of your data.   


    1. Read or Listen to The Three Little Pigs or have your family tell you that story.  There is a copy of the book in the Links/Activities for you. 
    2. Imagine a way to build a sturdy house for the Pigs in the story with items you have at home. 
    3. Plan and draw your house on the planning sheet or paper. 
    4. Create your house and have fun! 
    5. Test your house using a hairdryer, fan, yourself, or all three! 
    6. Record your data as you test. 


     Three Little Pigs Planning Sheet (you can create your own if you do not have a printer)     

    Three Little Pigs Testing Sheet (you can create your own if you do not have a printer)     

    Three Little Pigs Story (you can view on a computer)

     Method of Communication 

    Your choice: 
    Share with someone at home
    Bring your planning and test sheets to school when you return
    Take a video/photo and email to Mrs. Jaeger @ mjaeger@cbsd.org
    Post to Seesaw under the QUEST tab (make sure you are in the QUEST tab before posting) 

    Overview: To develop problem solving skills through coding using trial and error to solve challenges 

    Estimated Time:  20 minutes 

    Activity/Assignment:  Explore different activities with Code.org 

    Quick things to know: 

    • Code.org is a free website. 
    • You can click on the links below to open the tasks. 


    1. Click on the Links below. 
    1. Complete the activities for the challenge. 


     Method of Communication: Share with someone at home.