There are a few options for you to you select from. 

    1. Option 1: A non-technology option that is hands on and may require you to plan with a sketch and to build a final product with materials in your home.
    2. Option 2: A technology option that will require students to work on the computer to complete a task.
    3. Option 3:  A LEGO challenge which has its own page under my Distance Learning tab.  This is asks students to read LEGO adventure story and complete a build.   

    Feel free to choose the option that works best for you.  If it is just not possible to engineer today, that is fine too!  Do what is best for your family.

    If any of my engineers would like to share their projects, ideas, and/or creations, please feel free to use the email mjaeger@cbsd.org to send their celebrations to me! 

    I have also set up a FlipGrid account for the QUEST classroom. Use this grid to post your plans, ideas, creations, and/or coding games.  Directions are below.



  • Week 2

    Option 1: Non-tech– Rube Goldberg Machines! 

    Overview: Plan, design, build, and share a Rube Goldberg (chain reaction) machine 

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes 

    Explanation:  You have learned about Rube Goldberg machines in Quest, now is your chance to use your creativity to create one at home using at least 5 different materials! 

    Quick things to know 

    • If you have not started the Rube Goldberg in Quest, watch this introductory videoBasically, these inventions are based on the comics of Rube Goldberg. They are complicated machines with many steps in a chain reaction to achieve a simple end task, like wiping your face with a napkin or turning on a light.  
    • You can use any materials for this project: toys, game pieces, blocks, books, or cardboard. Just remember to put items back where you got them from and ask permission before using any materials you aren’t sure about 


    1. Plan: Think about the following questions: 
    1. What materials can I use?  
    1. How can I make a chain reaction using these materials? 
    1. What should be my end task/ the final step of my machine?  
    1. Build, test, & improve: Use the materials you have available to build and improve your Rube Goldberg machine. Remember  these machines are meant to be complicated and fun, and they don’t always work on the first try. Problem solve and have fun! 
    1. Share: Present your final product to someone in your house and/or share with your QUEST teacher by taking a picture or video. 
    1. Clean-up 😊 

    Method of CommunicationShare with someone at home and/or take a picture or video and share it with your QUEST teacher through Seesaw or email.  


    Technology Option: 


    Overview: To complete coding challenges using blockly code.   

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes  

    Explanation: You will use your critically thinking and problem-solving skills to creatively solve coding challenges on code.org.  

    Quick things to know: You will need a device to access the internet.    


    1. Using an internet browser on your electronic device, go to code.org   
    1. Optional: You can also access code.org through your Clever account.   
    1. From that main page, scroll down the page until you see the Hour of Code option. (it has an image of Minecraft characters above it)  
    1. Click on the words Hour of Code.   
    1. From that new window, select an hour of code challenge to complete.   
    1. You do not need to finish the hour of code challenge.   

    Method of Communication: If you choose to complete all the levels, show your certificate to someone at home or you can print and bring it to your QUEST teacher.