There are a few options for you to you select from. 

    1. Option 1: A non-technology option that is hands on and may require you to plan with a sketch and to build a final product with materials in your home.
    2. Option 2: A technology option that will require students to work on the computer to complete a task.
    3. Option 3:  A LEGO challenge which has its own page under my Distance Learning tab.  This is asks students to read LEGO adventure story and complete a build.   

    Feel free to choose the option that works best for you.  If it is just not possible to engineer today, that is fine too!  Do what is best for your family.

    If any of my engineers would like to share their projects, ideas, and/or creations, please feel free to use the email mjaeger@cbsd.org to send their celebrations to me! 

    I have also set up a FlipGrid account for the QUEST classroom. Use this grid to post your plans, ideas, creations, and/or coding games.  Directions are below.




    Week 2

    Technology Option

    Overview: In this lesson you will use Code.org to practice your coding skills through puzzles and challenges.  

    Estimated Time: 20 minutes 

    Explanation: You will have an opportunity to use the coding platform Code.org to work through lessons that will teach you the building blocks of coding.  You can work through lessons, watch videos, and complete puzzle and challenges that focus on coding. 

    Quick Things to Know 

    1. You will need a computer/laptop (sound is optional) 
    1. You will need to sign-in to your Code.org account using the CLEVER tile through myapps.microsoft.com.  You will need to know your email and password. 
    1. You may need help from a grown-up to help you advance through the lessons. 
    1. Squares are videos that teach a new skill, circles are practice puzzels. 


    1. Type myapps.microsoft.com 
    1. Log in with your credentials (email and password) 
    1. Click on the Clever tile 
    1. Click on Code.org 
    1. If you are new to Code.org, start with Lesson 3 and watch the video to get started. If you are an experienced user, continue with your lessons. 
    1. After coding for 20 minutes, log off and your work will be saved. 

    Links: myapps.microsoft.com 

    Method of Communication:  

    1.  Your teacher will see your progress through Code.org.  No need to submit any work. 


    Non-tech Option 


    Overview: Challenge your creative mind to imagine with circles. 


    Estimated Time: 25 minutes  


    Explanation: Your QUEST challenge today will access the element of creativity.  On a blank page, draw 8 circle the same size.  You may want to use the bottom of a cup to help you with the shape.  Transform each of the circles into an object, idea, animal, place…anything you can imagine.  If you have time, add color to your creative ideas.     


    Quick things to know:  

    1. You can complete this activity with just paper and pencil 
    1. The goal is not focused on the artistic ability, but the ability to generate ideas 
    1. There is an option to add color 



    1. Draw 8 circles on a piece of paper (you can do a few on the front and a few on the back) 
    1. Imagine what you could create with each circle.  Can you think of an object, and idea, and animal or a place that you could create with the circle?   
    1. Draw your idea with each circle (the idea does not need to stay in the circle!) 
    1. Add color (if you have colored pencils or crayons) 
    1. Share your creative ideas with someone at home 


    Method of Communication: 

    1. Email your QUEST teacher a picture of your plan 
    1. Post a picture on a SeeSaw account if your teacher uses SeeSaw 
    1. Save your picture and bring it to QUEST to share with your friends