Day 6 - Wednesday, March 25, 2020

  • Reading:

    Overview: Night of the Twisters / Independent Reading Time

     Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes

     Explanation:  Today you will continue with the book Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman.

     Things to know:

    • In your Distance Learning Folder, you will need the Night of the Twisters packet and book to complete today’s tasks.


    1. In your Night of the Twisters packet, you will continue to complete packet pages 6-8 when a new setting and/or new characters are introduced.
    2. In the Night of the Twisters book read The Next Hour or So pp. 61-85
    3. Complete Night of the Twisters packet 10 & 11 –Walking in Dan’s Shoes
      • Column 2: Answer the question: What action or actions did Dan decide to take?
        • For example, The Warning Siren Sounded p. 46-48
          • Dan called his grandma and checked to see if his mom was back by looking out the window.
        • Column 3: Answer the question: What would you have done and why?
    1. Optional: Choose a chapter book and read for 20-30 minutes.

    Method of Communication: Snap a pic of Walking in Dan’s shoes if you haven’t done so already.


    Overview: Grammar Practice and Informative Writing – Concluding Paragraph Day 1 of 2

    o Estimated Time: Approximately 20 minutes

    o Explanation:

    1. GRAMMAR: Complete the assigned skills pages. The pages are front and back.  Be sure to read the directions.  Refer to the examples for help as needed.  Unfortunately, some directions refer to the book.  You do not have the book, but I provided some reference pages from the book to help. 
    2. INFORMATIONAL WRITING: You will be drafting the Concluding Paragraph.

    o Quick things to know:

    GRAMMAR: Remember that there is a list of prepositions in the reference packet.  The idea of identifying and using clauses is new for us but give it a try.  You may need to look at the list of common conjunctions in the reference packet.

    INFORMATIVE: Components of a Concluding Paragraph:

    Reword your Hook reword your hook, remember to circle back around to how you started your informative, bring it full circle.
    Reword your Thesisrestate the purpose of your research paper.  
    Concluding Sentence for Subtopic #1 summarize your findings and wrap this content question up!
    Concluding Sentence for Subtopic #2 summarize your findings and wrap this content question up!
    Concluding Sentence for Subtopic #3 summarize your findings and wrap this content question up!

    The BIG FINISH: leave your reader with something to think about! Ask a question, make a prediction, or use a quote on the main topic of the essay.

    o Tasks:

    Grammar: Complete Prepositional Phrases, p 77 front and back and Clauses, p 79 front and back.


    • Today you will begin drafting your concluding paragraph.
      • Refer to the components above to organize your information into a paragraph.
      • Paraphrase your notes while still writing in complete sentences!
    • Feel free to refer to your previous informative essay for guidance. This can be accessed through your 365 account.

    o Method of Communication: 

    Once your document is shared with me, I can see all your work throughout the week. You only need to share it with me once!


    Overview: Math Packet Week 3, Tuesday - Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes

    Explanation: Today you will review multiplying fractions and mixed numbers.

    Things to know:

    • Fractions have a numerator (top number) and a denominator (bottom number).
    • You will be multiplying fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators.
    • You will be multiplying fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators.
    • When you multiply fractions or mixed numbers it is important to first convert all numbers to a fraction or improper fraction. Then, multiply the numerators together and multiply the denominators together.
    • Simplify as needed.
    • To review Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers, please reference Ed: Your Friend in Learning online, or your workbook pages in Chapter 3. · Please visit to access tutorial videos related to accessing online Math in Focus resources.
    • There are no pre-made worksheets for today.


    Math Packet – Complete Week 3, Tuesday

    • Self-made Questions:

    o You will need your number cards for this activity.

    o Take a pencil, pen, straw, etc. and place in in front of you to make a horizontal line. Place another pencil, pen, marker, straw, etc. and place in in front of you to make another horizontal line.

    o Flip over one number card and place it above one of the horizontal lines. Flip over a second number card and place it below one of the horizontal lines. Continue until you have two fractions.

    o Multiply the fractions.

    o Repeat 4 times.

    • Create a real-world number story.

    o Consider some of the problems you just solved in your self-made questions. Create a number story or real-world problem for two of them. You may also choose two new problems and create a number story.

    o As you write your number story, try to use multiplication of fractions or mixed numbers. If you need to, consider creating a real-world problem around addition or subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers.

    Method of Communication: You can snap a picture of your “game” and share on Seesaw

    Social Studies:

    Overview: Discovering what American Indian tribes lived in our area! 3-Day Project – Day 2 of 3

    o Estimated Time: 20 minutes per day

    o Explanation: Review information about an American Indian tribe that lived or still lives in the area near your home. Research online to find out what tribes settled in or near the area in which we currently live.

    o Things to Know: Refer to Chapter 2: American Indians and Their Land, of your Social Studies textbook to refresh your memory of origin stories and the different adaptations they had to make. You can access TCI online through the CLEVER app and Office 365.

    o Tasks: 

    ** Most importantly, have fun with this...approach this assignment with room for personal and creative interpretation...

    1st...Use the content studied in Chapter 2 to refresh your memory on Origin stories and adaptations made.

    2nd... Identify a tribe that was local to our area

    3rd…Find out the following information if you can: 1. The reason the tribe may have settled in this area. 2. What adaptations did the tribe make to survive in the local environment?  

    3rd...If possible, identify place that may have been named for or by that tribe, such as local geographical features or street names (Middle School names…hint hint).

    4th...Present the information you found! You can create a poster, make a Seesaw document, make a PowerPoint. Just have fun with it!

    Method of communication - upload your FINAL project Thursday! I will find a way to share everyone’s presentation with the class!


    Special Class lessons will be linked to the Butler Home Page

    You can visit any special lesson any day of the week, it’s up to you from now on!