**Please note the change in “estimated time” for each lesson! Please don’t exceed 180 minutes of work each day. If you would like, there are optional activities, Seesaw activities, and games as needed! 😊**



    Day 4 Monday 3/23/20 Tasks (Please don’t exceed 180 minutes of work!)

    Class Meeting “Mindful Monday” (5 Minutes)  

    Happy Mindful Monday!  Do you have the GoNoodle App? If not, go to YouTube for your Mindful Monday Brain Break when you need one today! Woohoo! OR you can practice some mindful coloring with crayons and a piece of paper!

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTzXFPh6CPI


    Math (30 Minutes)

    1. Complete the sheet called Gr 3 Day 4 Subtracting posted on Seesaw.
    2. Play a game: Subtraction Top It
    3. Use a deck of playing cards, Uno cards, or make your own cards with digits 1-12.
    4. Each player turns over 2 cards and subtracts the numbers.
    5. Each player says their difference (answer) out loud.
    6. The player with the largest difference (answer) gets the cards (or gets a point).
    7. Optional/Enrichment: Pet Bingo (Free App)

    Reading (45 minutes)

    1. Read any nonfiction book for 30 minutes.
    2. Login to https://myapplications.microsoft.com/ Go to “Clever” and click on “Seesaw” towards the bottom. Click on your name/image at the top left. Find Ms. MacNeill’s class. Add the Activity called “321 Reading Response” and complete. 
    3. If you can’t get onto Seesaw, write 3 things you learned, 2 interesting facts, and 1 question you still have about the topic.

    Writing/Spelling (25 minutes)

    1. You should have started your sensory details about summer writing piece last week. Please continue with paragraph 3 today. Each paragraph should describe a different sense in summer – touch, hear, see, taste, smell. (ex: I hear buzzing bees landing delicately on flowers as the sun kisses their fuzzy bodies!)
    2. Continue rough draft and then revise and edit your writing.
    3. Don’t forget an opening and closing paragraph.
    4. Type your draft into a Word document and save it as “Sensory Details in Summer”.
    5. If you finish, please free write!
    6. Optional: Use Freckle to practice long and short o words (code: macnez): https://student.freckle.com/#ela/assignments/decodable/56532600

     Science (20 Minutes)  

    1. If available, watch “Gravity” Brain Pop Jr video: https://jr.brainpop.com/science/forces/gravity/

    Username: kutz, Password: kutz1

    1. Take brainpopjr quiz after watching.
    2. Optional: Click on “Activity” (the scissors symbol under the video).  Read the experiment (you could do this without watching the video too): Put some long pencils in a small paper cup. You’ll find the cub falls over. Why? Think like a scientist! How do you keep the cup from falling over? Do the experiment with pencils and complete the worksheet. If you can’t print, just write your answers on a piece of paper.

    Specials (20 Minutes)

           1.  Music:  Click on Mr. Weir’s website for today’s Distance Learning music class:  https://www.cbsd.org/wweir