• DAY 2

    Hello, friends!  I hope you had a nice day yesterday.  Here is a joke for day 2:

    What do you call a sad strawberry?

    Answer:  A blueberry!  

    At the bottom of this post, there are three documents for today.  One for math, one for reading, and one for spelling.

    **Remember, you should be looking at your other teacher's website for writing, science, and social studies.  Also, if you have a different teacher for reading, math, or spelling, please complete their assignments.  For example, you have me as your math teacher, but Mrs. Williams for reading.   You would complete my math and her reading.


    Things you need today:

    1.  Your distance learning folders

    2.  A computer or Ipad

    3.  Pencils and paper

    4.  An independent reading book


    Reading Day 2-Grade 6

    Math Day 2-Grade 6

    Spelling Day 2-Grade 6