• DAY 1

    Good morning to my sixth graders! Happy St. Patrick's Day!  A joke for today:

    Who was St. Patrick's favorite superhero?

    Answer:  GREEN LANTERN 



    I have three attachments for today. The attachments are at the bottom of the page.  Open each one to complete your assignments for today.  Here is an overview:

    1.  For math, you will start

    making a graph for the daily temperature.  You will practice reading a line graph.

    2.  For reading, you will review character traits and complete independent reading.

    3.  For spelling, you will review a list that is posted on Spelling City.  


    Things you will need:

    1.  A computer or Ipad.

    2.  Pencil and notebook paper (paper is in your distance learning folder).

    3.  An independent reading book (can be one you are currently reading or a new one).


    Also, remember to check your other sixth grade teacher's website for writing, science, and social studies.  The special's teacher that you normally have on Mondays has also posted something for you to do.  Please check their website as well.  


    Math Day 1-March 17

    Reading Day 1-March 17

    Spelling Day 1-Grade 6