• Happy Thursday!

    I am loving all the Seesaw posts of the students’ work.  They did great with the review of place value and doubles fact fluency.  They are mastering those challenge spelling words (I saw a bunch of word searches)!  I also have really enjoyed seeing their finished maps! Lastly, the kids did a nice job using “RACE” to answer the question after reading the Puppy Raisers article.


    Today we are reviewing addition both with and without regrouping.  The kids will also be practicing cursive, writing a summary on a book they are reading, and going on www.brianpopjr.com for a Social Studies video about US Symbols that relates to our Geography and Immigration Units.  Lastly, in spelling we will be revisiting prefixes!


    Attached are the lessons, the math review pages, and the math worksheets (which are also on Seesaw).  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!


    Day Three Assignments

    Kid Friendly Day 3 Assignments


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