• Distance Learning Day 3- World Languages 

    Course: Spanish 5

    Date:  Thursday, March 19th 2020


    Please see the lesson details below and email me with any questions!



    Continue vocabulary and preterit/imperfect review;  Vocabulary 2.1 review 


    Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes


    Explanation (learning goal): 

    • Review how to express what happened in the past in Spanish; Practice new vocabulary expressions


    Materials that are Needed:

    Material:  Document in Canvas;  Vocabulary Flashcards

    Resource:  https://www.cbsd.org/canvas




    1. Calentamiento March 19– Use the imperfect to answer this question in 4 sentences:  ¿Qué hacías de niño/a?


    1. El Pretérito vs. El Imperfecto:
    •  Open the “Superhombre” Doc from March 18  in Canvas and correct it using this website below that gives explanations if you got the wrong answer. 
    • When done, add in the text box that you corrected it:  “Lo corregí”.  You can also comment if it was easy, hard, etc.




    1. Escuchemos: Pretérito/ Imperfecto  March 19
    •  Listen to the “Scary Story” with preterite and imperfect and take the quiz at the end


    •  Comment in the box how well you understood:  muy bien, bien, más o menos, etc.



    1. Escribamos:  Pretérito/ Imperfecto  March 20  - Due on Friday, but you can start now! 
    •  Write 10 sentences total:  5 sentences using verbs in preterite with explanation why and 5 sentences using verbs in the imperfect with explanation why.  For example:

    Nosotros escuchábamos música mientras ellos jugaban fútbol.  (Imperfect because it explains 2 simultaneous actions, neither is completed.)



    Method of Communication: