• Reading - Day 3: March 19, 2020

    Overview: Read and understand fiction text by applying reading strategies. Respond to literature to demonstrate understanding

    Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes

    Explanation: Today you will continue reading Freak the Mighty and respond to your reading by choosing an item on the reading menu.

    Things to know:

    • Readers utilize their strategies by tracking their thinking while reading! Be metacognitive!
      • Thinking + Text = Real Reading!


    Tasks for Today:
    *All activities can be completed in your composition book or electronically (Word, Seesaw, PowerPoint, etc.)
    **Files needed for today's activities can also be found in our Homeroom Team

    1. Read chapters 7 – 8 of Freak the Mighty (approximately 30 minutes). As you read, use post-its to track your thinking
    2. Respond to Reading
      • Choose one question from the row on the reading menu to respond to in your notebook for Chapters 4-8.  You may respond to something that you read in chapters 4-6 yesterday.
    3. Flipgrid Discussion Board – Click here to visit our class Flipgrid. Enter our class Flip Code: Snyder6
      • Check for my video responses to your questions (these will be posted between 9-10am)
      • Share your thoughts and questions about what you have read so far.  What are you wondering?  Anything that is confusing?  Share with the group and respond to each other.


    Share today's work:

    Remember, your work today is not graded, but I'd love to see what you've done. You can share your work with me through Teams, email (jsnyder@cbsd.org), Seesaw, or share your composition book with me when we return to school.