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    Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020  (Day 2 of Distance Learning - I am SO.PROUD.OF.YOU.ALL!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy WORDY WEDNESDAY friends!!!!  I loved “seeing” you all on FlipGrid yesterday! Thanks for posting your videos!  Today, I’d like you to use FlipGrid to tell us ONE word to describe Distance Learning so far!!!  “See” you there:  https://flipgrid.com/f3dd9d04

    Gr 3 Day 2 Math 

    Overview: Place Value: Ordering and Rounding  

    Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes 


    You can use what you know about place value to compare and round numbers.  

     Three quick things to know: 

    1. For tutorials on how to access online Math in Focus resources using Ed Your Friend in Learningvisit https://www.cbsd.org/Page/1511.  Please make sure you are logged in and scroll down the page to see the videos.
    2. If you cannot print activities, you may write the answers on a sheet of paper. 
    3. When you compare numbers, begin looking at the largest place value first.
    4. Please look at Student Workbook Chapter 1 page 28, 31-32, 41-43, and 47-49 if you need guidance. 


    1. Complete the sheet called Gr 3 Day 2Comparing and Rounding.  If you are not sure how to answer a question, write a question mark. (?) 
    2. Complete the Fact Fluency activityGr 3 Day 2 Fact Fluency 1e 
    3. Extra: Only do this activity if you want more practice.: Play the game "Rounding Off.”  You can use the document Gr 3 Day 2 Rounding Off Number Cards (This game is also under our Seesaw Activities).  If you do not have the number cards, you can make 10 number cards.  Write a 3 or 4-digit number on each card.


    **To make things easier, I also posted these activities on Seesaw.  Go to Clever using myapplications.microsoft.com  Scroll down to Seesaw and look for them under Seesaw “Activities”! 😊** 


    Optional Math Games:  Play the Multiplication Games that you love so much on Seesaw! You know how to do this from Math Centers!  Go to Clever using myapplications.microsoft.com  Scroll down to Seesaw and look for them under Seesaw “Activities”! 😊** 



    Overview: Independent Reading and Response

    Estimated Time: 45 minutes

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment: You can practice your fluency, accuracy and comprehension skills by reading independently and responding to a text. 

    Quick Things to Know:

    1. You may choose any fiction independent reading book from home.


    1. Read your book for 30 minutes.
    2. Today you’re going to record connections as you read. Draw a t-chart (just draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper) with “The text says..” on one side and “This reminds me of…“ on the other side. Please stop and jot text-to-self-connections as you read your self-selected book.

    Optional: Freckle ELA Practice:  ELA Skill Practice Analyzing Connections  Class code is: macnez


    Writing and Spelling


    Overview: Respond to a writing prompt

    **If you finished your writing assignment from yesterday, please begin to write this next assignment! This will take about 5 days to complete and type.**

    Estimated Time: 30 to 45 minutes over five days.  Pace yourself! Try to write one paragraph each day. Each sense (hear, smell, taste…) can be a separate paragraph. Don’t forget your opening and closing paragraphs too!

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment:  Practice skills you have learned over the course of the year--prewriting, drafting, revising and editing, and publishing.

    Quick Things to Know:  The five senses: hear, feel, smell, taste, see.  We just described spring using sensory details. (Ex:  I hear buzzing bees landing delicately on flowers as the sun kisses their fuzzy bodies!) Now, you get to use your senses to describe summer!  Have fun! Don’t forget to use awesome adjectives and vivid verbs too!


    1. Respond to the following prompt: Write a paragraph with sensory details to describe summer.  
    2. Create a rough draft and then revise and edit your writing.
    3. Type your draft into a word document and save it as "Sensory Details in Summer"


    Overview:  Practice spelling words using games and activities.

    Estimated Time:  15 minutes every day.

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment:  It’s “Wordy Wednesday”….Write as many words as you can that remind you about kindness. 

    Optional: Do you have shaving cream? Use it to write your kindness words on a placemat.  Do you have chalk? Go outside and write your kindness words on the sidewalk or driveway.  Do you have water and a paint brush? Go outside and use water to “paint” your kindness words on the driveway.  OR use anything you’d like to write kindness words! Just.be.kind.


    Overview:  Science Comprehension – Sir Isaac Newton

    Estimated time: 30-45 minutes

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment: Read the article about Sir Isaac Newton (click the link below and use our class code). Answer the comprehension questions to show what you learned.  This goes along perfectly with our Motion Unit!

    Links/Activities: https://student.freckle.com/#science/assignments/reading/175986  Class Code: macnez