Relax & Read

Introduction to 6th Grade Reading Club Distance Learning

  • Hello!
    During our distance learning time, your child is invited to reinforce their reading skills through some reading activities using the web site:
    For the next two weeks, every other day, I will post a high interest article from a website called 
    Here is what I am thinking your child’s time will look like:
    • On Day 1: Read the article.
      • When reading this article, your child will be given specific directions on the web site.
      • Your child can highlight the words and a highlight “color palette” will pop up to highlight sections of the text
      • Your child may also type notes about what the highlighted (highly recommended)
    • On Day 2: Click on the “Activities” tab  and answer the “Power Words” and “Quiz”
    I will be able to see all the highlighting and answers and will be able to offer feedback 😊
    If you have any questions, I will be available daily from 9:00-12:00 at my computer where I can answer questions quickly via e-mail or set up a quick phone call.