• 1st Grade Reading: Reading and Writing Menu: Column 1

    Overview: Practicing letter sounds and word wall words 

    Estimated Time: Approximately 15 minutes 

    Explanation: You will dictate your word wall words and sounds of all the letters in the alphabet 

    Things to Know: Sit with a parent, guardian, sibling, or adult to check for proper sound to letter expression, and saying all word wall words correctly when pointed to.  


    • Use your binder to point to the word wall words
    • Student should read them as you point 
    • If your student is having a challenging time with a word, put it on a flash card to practice 
    • Then go through the alphabet say, "What let makes the /a/ sound," or show the letter a and ask. "What sound does this letter make?

    List to a story through this website: www.storylineonline.net


    1st Grade Reading: Reading A-Z: Grab Bag

    Overview: Read independent level book 

    Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes 

    Explanation: You will choose one of your independent leveled books that is in your grab bag, and then complete one activity that goes with your reading.  

    Things to Know: Sit with a parent, guardian, sibling, or adult to practice reading fluently and accurately. Directions should be read allowed to student to ensure they know the expectation of the activity. 


    • Pick 1 book from grab bag 
    • After book has been chosen, pick 1 activity to go along with your reading
    • Read book silently to self, pointing to every word
    • If adult or sibling is available read to them, showing them your best reading skills (pointing to all words, turning pages, stretching words by sounds, and fluently reading the text)
    • Then complete the activity that you have chosen

    ***Note: Students should read the book each time before completing the activity for that day. Read the same book each day until all activities have been complete. Then move on to another book. Skipping around from book to book before completing all activities can confuse students and cause them to mix up events, characters, and other story elements. 

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  • 1st Grade Math: Chapter 4 Activity 3: Grab Bag 

    Overview: Comparing and ordering numbers 

    Estimated Time: Approximately 20 minutes 

    Explanation: You will identify what number is greater than or less than 

    Things to Know: Sit with a parent, guardian, sibling, or adult to make sure you understand the directions. Once you know the directions try to do a few problems independently. 


    • From your grab bag complete pages 1-4 
    • Have students check-in after each page or every 2 pages for understanding with an adult 
    • After students have complete pages 1-4, practice addition and subtraction facts through Pet Bingo!

    Pet Bingo!

    • No password is needed!
    • Just download the app from the app store and start practicing your math facts!