• Date: 03/19/2020

    Functional Academics

    Overview- Planning a weekly schedule (Print out pages 7-9 & 11 in attached email)

    Estimated Time: 45 minutes

    Task: The student will read the three scenarios with a family member and cut and paste the correct time or activity under each schedule.

    Personal information. Write and type your personal information. See email for personal information template to print and practice writing. Tell a family member your personal information. 

    Method of Communication: Send me a picture of one of the completed pages. *It is not a requirement that you send me back a picture.

    Independent Living

    Overview- Print and review Grooming Check List activities. Discuss with your child what time of day they should do the activity (morning, afternoon, night) and how often they should do the activity each day.

    Meal Prep. Have your child help with an much meal prep as they can during this time off. They will continue to reinforce domestic skills that they work on in school. I will send some recipes that they can follow, but all the students should be able to help with any meal prepping you do at home.

    Estimated Time: 45 minutes 


    The students will make their own meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) for today with what they have at home in their kitchen.

    Breakfast idea: Scrambled Eggs.(See email for video) 

    Step 1- Wash and dry your hands.

    Step 2- Gather food items or ingredients.

    Step 3- Gather materials.

    Step 4- Follow recipe instructions (modify the meal to the food you have in the kitchen).  

    Step 5- Clean up.

    Step 6- Answer follow up questions based on what you made.  Print out or write on a separate piece of paper the answers to the “Today’s Lunch” worksheet. If you cannot write the answers, show your understanding with a verbal response on communication device.

    Method of Communication: Send me a picture of the meal after you make it. *It is not a requirement that you send me back a picture.


    Overview- Practice Table setting for dinner (See attached email). Facing/organizing pantry and or spice cabinet

    Estimated Time- 45 minutes

    Tasks- Have your child set the table for dinner. They can use the template and steps in attached e-mail to guide them on how many items they need and where to place them on the table.  Review the steps with your child and have him/her practice it today.

    Empty out your pantry or spice cabinet and have your child organize it so you can see and read the labels of each item.

    Method of Communication: Send me a picture of your child doing the activity *It is not a requirement that you send me back a picture/video.