• 7th Grade Social Studies:

    1. Overview:

    Today you will be asked to go back in time thousands of years to Ancient Greece. Please use the link attached below to find the different sections of Ancient Greek Culture. I would like you to choose another culture from the website (China, Rome, or Egypt) to compare it to. Here are the instructions written out a little bit more in detail for you.

    a. Please gather 4 facts of information from this site Link (Links to an external site.) , and yes, we have used this site before but I can only give you review material (I'm sorry!). These facts can be from any section of your choice. For example,  facts from wedding customs, greek toys, dance, and music. If at first you don't see the options, remember to keep scrolling!!

    b. On the same website, scroll back up to the top and find the different headings and choose either China, Rome, or Egypt. I would like you to skim through that material and connect it to Ancient Greece in 3 bullet points. For example, how is China similar to Ancient Greece in 3 ways? How is Egypt similar to Ancient Greece in 3 ways?

    c. All answers should be typed directly into the text box provided below.

    2. Time: 25 minutes

    3. Explanation: Please use the link to the website provided for you, and research 4 facts about Ancient Greek culture. Then, in 3 bullet points describe the differences or similarities between Greece and China, Rome, or Egypt.

    4. Things to know: It is to be typed all on Canvas in the text box. Yes, we have used this site before. Also, your information can come from any section off the website.

    5. Tasks: Research, take 4 facts of notes, connect or contrast Ancient Greece with another civilization.

    6. Links: