• Day 9     

    Tuesday, March 31, 2020                                         


    A note from Dr. Garvin: This week’s Distance Learning activities are limited to math and special.  Please use the remainder of the time to catch up on activities posted during the previous two weeks.  Elementary teachers will be conducting conferences and planning new learning for next week’s launch of Phase 2 of the CB Distance Learning Plan. Thank you!



    Overview: Shapes and Patterns

    Estimated Time: 30 minutes

    Things to know: If you are unable to print worksheets, it is fine to create your own based off the supplied worksheets. More specific directions are provided on each sheet/activity that goes along with these lessons.

    Task: Practice flat and solid shapes.


    1. Tasks 1-4: Identify, name, and color given shapes, match shapes with names, draw lines on shapes to show smaller shapes inside, and use clues to name shapes.

    OPTIONAL: Only do the following activities if you want more practice:

    2. Tasks 5 and 6: Write the number of solid shapes found in a model and continue to extend a shape pattern.



    Overview: Comprehension of nonfiction text

    Explanation: Students will determine main idea of text for the Table of Contents.

    Quick Things to Know: We can use the details on a page to determine the main idea. The main idea is what it is mostly about.

    Tasks: Create a Table of Contents


    1. Read aloud: Listen to chapter 63 of The Wild Robot in Seesaw.  This chapter has been assigned in your activities.  Feel free to respond to the question to share your thinking.
    1. Reading and Responding: Revisit An Octopus is Amazing to create your own Table of Contents for the text.

    Example: The handout shows Chapter 1 on page 158. I reviewed page 158 to determine the main idea. What are most of the details telling about? It is about the different kinds of octopuses so I will title the chapter Types of Octopuses. Write the title on the line next to Chapter 1.

    Sometimes you will need to look over a few pages to determine what the text is mostly about for that “chapter.” For example, Chapter 4 is pages 162 and 163. I notice that page 162 is about how an octopus changes color to hide and page 163 is about how an octopus changes color to show feelings. The best way to summarize both of these pages with a main idea would be Octopuses Change Color.

    OPTIONAL: Only do the following activities if you want more practice:

    1. Reading: Visit EPIC and read Octopuses by Darla Duhaime. Did you find any answers to your questions on the Questions that Stick page in the packet?
    2. Reading Response: Use the facts from An Octopus Is Amazing (in the Treasure anthology) or Octopuses (EPIC) to complete the handout titled "All About". Write the word Octopuses at the top of each box before the words can, have, and are. Complete each section with facts that you thought were interesting. 


    Octopuses can:

    camouflage from enemies

    Octopuses have:

    suckers on each arm that help grip onto prey

    Octopuses are:

    able to fit into small cracks because they don’t have a backbone



    Overview: Choose an activity to further enrich your learning

    Explanation of Activity: Students choose how to spend additional academic time.

    Quick Things to Know: There are many activities, games, and websites to choose from on our class website.

    Tasks: Play a game, listen to a book read aloud, or read some non-fiction books to reinforce and enrich your learning

    Activities you can choose from:

    1. NEW! Read Wiggle Like an Octopus in EPIC and have fun doing the moves.
    2. Visit Mrs. Levy's guidance page to watch her read aloud Ruby Finds a Worry
    3. Finish any of the activities above you were not able to complete in the given time
    4. Math Websites available on class site
    5. Spelling & Writing Websites available on class site
    6. Reading Websites available on class site
    7. Lunch Doodles with author & illustrator Mo Willems each Tuesday-Thursday at 1 p.m. (link on Reading Websites page)
    8. Read a book of your choice
    9. Free Write in your green story journal: Write about a topic of your choice, a personal narrative (tells a story about something that happened to you), fictional story, persuasive/opinion piece, or poem or acrostic about a topic.
    10. Take a walk
    11. Play a board game
    12. Reach out (phone, email, letter) to a friend or relative or teacher 😊
    13. Visit GoNoodle for a movement/brain break or do one from the chart posted yesterday.


    Today's Special: QUEST (or check out the MUSIC activities if you haven't yet since you keep missing Fridays) 

    Jamison's Distance Learning Site for Specials:  https://www.cbsd.org/Page/47795