• Day 7

    Thursday, March 26, 2020



    Overview: Calendar Skills & Concepts

    Estimated Time for 2 Activities: Approximately 30 minutes

    Explanation: You will use a calendar to review the weeks, days, and months of the year. You will work on writing the date.

    Things to know:

    1. More specific directions are provided in the file titled Day 7 Math calendar which was emailed to parents. 


    1. Use the calendar to write the days of the week. Write about your favorite day of the week.
    2. Use the calendar to write the months of the year. Write about your favorite month of the year.
    3. OPTIONAL: Use the calendar to answer various questions about a particular month.



    Overview: short u, comprehension of nonfiction text, and reading fluency

    Estimated Time: 45 minutes (Reading) + 25 minutes (Writing)

    Explanation: Students will apply spelling patterns in words when writing. Students will demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction text by completing activities.

    Tasks: review short u sound, practice reading fluency, and write about your reading


    1. Read aloud: I have missed reading The Wild Robot with you, so I starting recording chapters where we left off.  If you listened to chapter 58 yesterday, enjoy 59-60 today!

      Chapter 58 of The Wild Robot read aloud on Seesaw (if you didn't have a chance to listen yesterday)

      Chapter 59 of The Wild Robot read aloud on Seesaw (only 1:34)

      Chapter 60 of The Wild Robot read aloud on Seesaw (only 3:36)

    2. Phonics: complete the phonics handouts that were emailed to your parents 
    3. Reading and Responding
      Task #1: Reread the nonfiction text feature on p. 158 of An Octopus Is Amazing. 
      Task #2:  Answer questions #1-8 in the An Octopus Is Amazing file that I emailed to your parents for Day 5, or you can record your answers in your green writing journal. 




    Overview: Earth & space science, human & social science, science & technology

    Estimated Time: 20 minutes

    Explanation of Activity: Discover why dew forms, consider how our joints help us to move, and consider why scientists use calculators

    Quick Things to Know: These activities were designed to encourage your child to observe the world and to feel a sense of wonder for everything in it. All children behave like “little scientists” in that they are eager to observe and make “what if” discoveries about their world.

    Tasks: question, evaluate, identify, describe, observe, and discuss

    Activities to Choose From:

    Day 7 Science Daily Problems

    These activities can be completed through discussion with a family member.  There is no need to record anything in writing.



    Overview: Choose an activity to further enrich your learning

    Estimated Time: 40 minutes

    Explanation of Activity: Students choose how to spend at least 15 minutes of their academic time.

    Quick Things to Know: There are many activities, games, and websites to choose from on our class website.

    Tasks: Play a game, listen to a book read aloud, or read some non-fiction books to reinforce and enrich your learning

    Activities you can choose from:

    1. NEW! Visit Mrs. Levy's guidance page to watch her read aloud Ruby Finds a Worry
    2. NEW! At 1 p.m., visit https://www.mindfulschools.org/free-online-mindfulness-class-for-kids/ for a free mindfulness lesson if you're interested 
    3. Finish any of the activities above you were not able to complete in the given time
    4. Math Websites available on class site
    5. Spelling & Writing Websites available on class site
    6. Reading Websites available on class site
    7. Lunch Doodles with author & illustrator Mo Willems each Tuesday-Thursday at 1 p.m. (link on Reading Websites page)
    8. Read a book of your choice
    9. Free Write in your green story journal: Write about a topic of your choice, a personal narrative (tells a story about something that happened to you), fictional story, persuasive/opinion piece, or poem or acrostic about a topic.
    10. Take a walk
    11. Play a board game
    12. Reach out (phone, email, letter) to a friend or relative or teacher 😊
    13. Visit GoNoodle for a movement/brain break


    Today's Special: Art (or check out the MUSIC activities if you haven't yet since you missed that last Friday and will again tomorrow) 

    Jamison's Distance Learning Site for Specials:  https://www.cbsd.org/Page/47795