• March 18, 2020

    ~all times are estimates~



    Overview: Reading and responding to text

    Estimated Time: 1 hour

    Explanation of Assignment: You will read independently, and also read a passage and respond to the questions provided.


    1. Read your independent reading book for 30 minutes- write a 6 sentence summary in your homework book. You may also email OR write your summary in Word and share the summary if you prefer  (electronically).

    If you write a summary in your notebook- PLEASE PUT THE DATE!!


    1. Read the article, “Great Minds: Vincent Van Gogh”. Answer the questions.  You may write your answers in your notebook, on a piece of paper, or you can word right on the Word document. If you work on the document, the spacing of the document may change.  That is okay!!!  Just let it go.




    Overview: Reading Non-fiction text and taking notes

    Estimated Time: 45 minutes

    Explanation of Assignment: You will learn about the Statue of Liberty and take notes on the information in the text.  This material is in your GOLD envelope that was sent home last week. 


    1. Continue to read the World Book STUDENT article: Statue of Liberty

    Read pages 3 and 4 and then part of page 5 of the article.

    *Focus on the “Description” sub- heading section*


    AS YOU READ: if any information answers the 3 topics on your cards (see Day 1 for the topics)- WRITE THAT DOWN on your cards, using bullets—NOT complete sentences.

    HIGHLIGHT the info/sentences you are taking notes on


    Ex: TOPIC 1

    • National monument
    • Statue- a standing structure


    1. Once you read and take notes on pages 3 and 4 and part of 5, your work is done for today! Good Job!



    See Mrs. Jackson’s Distance Learning Page.


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