1. Distance Learning Day 2- World Languages 

      Course: Spanish 5

      Date:  Wednesday, March 18th 2020


      Please see the lesson details below and email me with any questions!



      Continue vocabulary and preterit/imperfect review;  Vocabulary 2.1 review 


      Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes


      Explanation (learning goal): 

      • Review how to express what happened in the past in Spanish; Practice new vocabulary expressions


      Materials that are Needed:

      Material:  Document in Canvas;  Vocabulary Flashcards

      Resource:  https://www.cbsd.org/canvas


      Method of Communication:

      • Office Hour: by phone 8am-3pm 571-522-0327
      • Email: cfahey@cbsd.org
      •  TASKS:
      • 1.  Calentamiento–Open yesterday’s Calentamiento Assignment: read any comments.  If you didn’t do it yesterday, hurry up and do it!   Can you fix mistakes or add to what you wrote in the text box yesterday? If so, answer this question:  ¿Qué hiciste ayer?


    2. ¿Pretérito o Imperfecto? CORRECT yesterday’s worksheet:

    Find the assignment for Preterit/Imperfect for March 18th in Canvas:

    Open the document with the correct answers.  Open your document and make corrections with your computer pen.  This was a difficult assignment, so don’t worry if you got a lot of them wrong!  Just look at the explanation and try to understand why. 

    Upload your document with corrections to Canvas under March 18th.


     3.  ESCUCHEMOS:  Mira los videos y contesta las preguntas en Canvas.  (This is a listening/ writing activity.  Answer in text box in Canvas.)


     ¿Por qué Victor se cree guapísimo?  Describe cómo es.  (Use vocabulary from Unidad 1 to answer)


    ¿Cómo era Victor?  ¿Cómo es Victor ahora?  (Use imperfect/ present tenses to answer)


    4.  Vocabulario 1.3 – Review vocabulary on Quizlet by playing Match and Gravity!