Summer Learning
  • Linden Summer Reading Challenge 

    Summer is a great time to dive into many, many, good books.  All Linden Leopards are invited to participate in the Linden Summer Reading Challenge.  It is simple!  Complete the reading board and reading log throughout the summer by reading on your own or being read to by an adult.  When school starts, return your reading board and reading log.  The class with the most participation will get to go shopping at the book fair for their classroom library. 

    Enjoy your summer and happy reading!

    Mrs. Free and Mrs. Wholf

    Summer Reading Board

    Summer Reading Log

Optional Daily Calendar

  • Scholastic has a fun and engaging daily summer calendar with activities that can be completed each day. Check it out! Daily Calendar


  • Reading Activities:

    • Check out a book at the Bucks County Library
    • Name all the characters who were in the story. 
    • Make a connection to the story, with another story, your life, or the world. Don’t forget to use the words “just like” in your connection.
    • Write about your favorite part of the story.
    • Write down interesting words or especially descriptive words from the book.
    • Write and illustrate a summary of the book.
    • Make a comic strip of the main events in the story.
    • Write down at least 3 new facts you learned. 
    • Think, is this a made-up book (fiction) or a book with real information (non-fiction)? 


    Writing Activities: 

    • Practice writing your whole name- fist, middle, and last.
    • Write a sentence- check, do you have a capital letter in the beginning? Punctuation at the end? Finger spaces between words?
    • Write the alphabet- capital and lower-case letters.
    • Write the grocery list.
    • Go for a walk. Write a sentence about the walk you went on.
    • Write about a summer memory.
    • Tell about an animal you would like to have for a pet.
    • Tell about a time when you were kind to someone.
    • Which season do you like the most? Why?


    Math Activities:

    • Find numbers when out shopping at the store.
    • Find and identify coins.
    • Practice writing numbers.
    • Play a number matching game. (Numbers on one card with the same number of dots on another card.)
    • Sort objects by color/shape/size/etc.
    • Practice basic addition and subtraction facts.
    • Count by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s.
    • Play games that involve rolling dice.