• Done with all your Schoolwork and looking for something more, check out this cool opportunity for some awesome hands on science learning.


    Looking for some cool, innovative enrichment that could also win you a cool $25 Amazon gift card to shop online?!


    Check out this link below to a local company, Flux,  that is posting a new online STEAM design challenge on a regular basis.  These online challenges can be completed just using materials around your house!  Then, you post your creation and for each challenge, the company will identify different winners in different categories for prizes.  For this first challenge, each winner from 4 categories earns a $25 Amazon gift card that will be sent to you digitally.  Be sure to watch the video on the site to learn more.


    If you decide to enter just make sure you have a parent post it for you or you can send it to me and I will post it for you on social media. :)


    We know we will have some winners at our school, so check out the site each day, engage your brain, and win some cool prizes!!





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