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    March 18-Reading Horizons:

    Hello Friends!  I know you have been showing all the great ways you have learned to read, write, and spell! Let's do some more practice!

    1.  Grab your paper and pencil.

    2.  Read and write these L blends: bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl. Now, add a vowel and code the slide.

    3.  Have fun making a word from the blends.  Code them and read them to your favorite stuffed animal or family member.

    4. Now, make silly sentences to get your family to giggle.  Use your spelling and grammar rules.  

    *Challenge-use a month, day, date, holiday, person's name or another special noun in your sentence.


    March 19- Reading Horizons:  Parents, please refer to Mr. Ortman's recent parent communication regarding using your judgment as it relates to having your child complete these review activities.  Again, you may always reach out to me!

    Hello Friends! 

    1. Let's show how well we can read and spell our MOST COMMON WORDS!  List 5: Read each word, and give yourself a 3 second look and try to write it correctly on a piece of paper.

    an, do, each, how, if , she, their, there, use, which

    2.  On the same paper, write words for these R blend and read them to a family or pet :  br, fr, cr, and dr.

    3.  Code them, and write 4 nonesense words and code them.

    Pat yourself on the back for your personal best work!

    March 20- grade 2

    Enjoy "Friday Fun Day" with your family playing, talking, cuddling, and just being a second grader!  Miss you!!!

    Week of March 23- Friends, please see the activities posted on the Distance Learning page.  I think you will enjoy the menu!! Feel free to reach out to me!  I miss you all very much!  Also, I know you will continue to do your personal best!!! :)