COVID - 19 Information

  • Sometimes we all need to read about the kindness that exists all around us. Receiving letters or hand-written notes is always welcomed gift


    A helpful list that outlines risks with summer activities. 

    Summer Activities and COVID


    Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. Even though it may look different this year, it is a time to give thanks for all those who fought for our freedom. However you celebrate the three-day weekend, take time for yourself and your family. The past 2 1/2 months have been stressful with new norms and new anxieties. Enjoy some quiet, relaxing moments this weekend. Take time to enjoy whatever makes your heart sing. 


    The American Academy of Pediatrics outlines a growing concern with COVID-19 and children. Parent, grandparents and guardians may find this helpful. 

    Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome


    The Harvard School of Public Health offers a webinar and post-webinar discussions as we move forward. Always helpful to gain new insights. 

    The Coronavirus Pandemic


    The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center shared great resources about wearing masks.

    Face Masks


    For smokers and vapers, COVID-19 can be extremely dangerous due to already fragile lung tissue. There are many resources to help you quit. This infographic may give you insentive to take that step.

    Smoking, Vaping and COVID-19

    Bucks. Co Resources

    The Truth Initiative

    Smokefree Teen


    Creating a vaccine in the midst of a pandemic is vital, yet science takes time. CHOP addresses the questions surrounding a vaccine for COVID-19



     You can eat healthy on a budget! 

    Nutritious Foods


    Eating nutritiously is always important. As we remain under quarantine, a few Registered Dietitians share some tips. 

    Nutrition Tips During Quarantine


    The coronavirus is unique and sneaky. Here are some reminders of how long this virus can last on surfaces. 

    Coronavirus and Surfaces


    Herd Immunity - what is it? will it protect us against COVID-19? This article from Johns Hopkins gives a nice overview. 

    Herd Immunity


    Another word to add to the COVID-19 vocabulary list 'caution-fatigue'.  We need to continue social distancing and wearing masks to fight this unpredictable virus.

    Caution fatigue


    The World Health Organization reminds us that not all health advice is accurate or safe. Here are some myth-busters regarding COVID-19 

    COVID-19 Myth Busters


    If you are spending more time looking at screens, don't forget the 20-20-20 rule to avoid eye strain and fatigue. Working and learning from home puts us in front of a screen for longer periods of time. 

    Computers and Eye Strain


    Social isolation is difficult for all of us, but especially for our elderly. Do you have a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or neighbor who resides in a retirement or nursing home. Now is a great time to reach out to them maybe with a phone call or card (Facetime is even better if they have that technology).  

    The unspoken COVID-19 Toll on the elderly: Lonliness


    An informative podcast on Next Question with Katie Couric; 'When and How can we return to normal?   Interview with Dr. Tom Frieden who is former director of CDC and former NYC Public Health commissioner. 

    Next Question with Katie Couric


    A new term that makes sense: Zoom Fatigue. With the hours of screen time and navigating a new form of communication, give yourself some much-needed breaks. 

    Zoom Fatigue


    Kindness is a simple word with a tremendous impact. Always a good reminder. 

    The Heart and Science of Kindness


    During this ciris, it is more important than ever to help our neighbors---those we know and those we do not know. It doesn't have to be a huge gesture--send a note to a friend, call a relative who lives alone, offer to help a neighbor or donate to a local charity.  Not only are you helping another individual, you are helping your brain. 

    How Generosity Helps the Brain


    Spending time outdoors is a great way to enjoy nature, exercise, take a break and add a dose of Vitamin D from the sun.  During this era of social distancing, it is wise to be mindful of your time in public parks. The CDC offers some guidance.

    Social Distancing in Parks


    Need a break from the news? Tired of COVID-19 warnings and projections?  John Krasinski's Some Good News will warm your heart and make you laugh! 

    Some Good News


    Sewing skills no required!  The CDC highlights the importance of wearing a face covering and shares easy patterns to make at home. 

    Face Mask Patterns


    Even though this article is written about mindfulness at work, it outlines some strategies that may be valuable as we attend school from home, work from home or are just managing at home! 

    Mindfulness at Work


     Dangers of vaping. This article discusses the possible complications experienced by individuals who vape and the potential for spreading the virus more readily. If you vape, this is the perfect time to stop! 

    Vaping and COVID-19


    A collection of resources from the Allergy and Asthma network. 

    Asthma and Allergy Network


    With the extra hours at home, everyone is looking for new activities and projects. How abou creating a time capsule?  While we will remember this chapter in history, take time to document your reflections. It may be fun to reflect on your memories or share with your future family and friends.  Below is a link with some suggestions! 

    Time Capsule


    The CDC recommendation for face masks in the link below.  I am wearing a cloth face mask when I need to viist the grocery store. 

    Face Masks


    Expressing gratitude never goes out of style. A good reminder especially during these long days at home. Take a minute and write a thank you note. 



    As we are mantaining our stay-at-home days, don't forget to care for yourself and others.  A few ideas: 

    • Take a walk
    • Call a friend
    • Write a thank you note
    • Try a new recipe
    • Find a new hobby
    • Read a book
    • Reach out to a neighbor who may be lonely 


    Self-care is vital during these challenging days.  The CDC provides helpful resources. 

     Self Care


    Social distancing is a new term for all of us.  This article explains the importance of this vital step as we continue to navigate these uncertain days.

     Social Distancing

    Social Distancing Chart


      Hand washing seems like simple task. Are you using proper technique?  Watch this video to review a basic, but critical defense against the spread of COVID-19. 

    Hand Washing


     Changes to our daily routines are difficult especially when we adjust to time away from friends and acitivities we love.  A resource offering suggestions to mental wellbeing during times of quarantine.  

    Mental Health and Quarantine


    We are fortunate to be surrounded by many health care organizations who are helping us navigate this crisis in our community. 

     Doylestown Health


    One of my favorite sites for health information; an informative resource center for COVID-19

    Harvard Health


    As we move through these unusual days, it may be difficult to understand why we are feeling the way we do.  I walked though the grocery store this morning and noticed the general concerrn/saddness on many customer's faces.   This aritcle helps to put those feelings into perspectice.   

     The discomfort you are feeling may be grief


    Many links to helpful recources for families and schools. Action for Healthy Kids

    Action for Healthy Kids


    Walking is good for your mental and physical health.  One these days when we are confined to our houses, take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and take a walk!