• Reading - Day 2: March 18, 2020

    Overview: Read and understand fiction text by applying reading strategies. Practice vocabulary skills by identifying a robust vocabulary word.

    Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes

    Explanation: Today you will continue reading Freak the Mighty.  After reading, choose a robust vocabulary word to create a Robust Vocabulary entry.

    Things to know:

    • Readers utilize their strategies by tracking their thinking while reading! Be metacognitive!
      • Thinking + Text = Real Reading!


    • Readers are aware of robust vocabulary words. 
      • In the novel, Freak the Mighty, Kevin (also known as Freak) is very smart, and uses big words like those you would see in a dictionary. Some of these words would be fantastic choices for robust vocabulary words! 
      • The robust word you choose should not be specific to a specialized topic
        • Example of a specialized word: Hygrometer – This is a great word but would only be used when talking about humidity and the weather. 
      • The robust word should be a word that you could use in your everyday conversation.
      • Your robust vocabulary entry should include the following:
        • vocabulary word
        • definition
        • part of speech
        • copy the sentence where you found the word within the text
        • cite the page number
        • write your own sentence using the word and/or illustrate to show you understand what the word means


    Tasks for Today:
    *All activities can be completed in your composition book or electronically (Word, Seesaw, PowerPoint, etc.)
    **Files needed for today's activities can also be found in our Homeroom Team

    1. Read chapters 4 – 6 of Freak the Mighty (approximately 30 minutes). As you read, use post-its to track your thinking
    2. Choose one Robust Vocabulary word from Freak the Mighty.
      • Begin a robust entry. You do not have to complete the entire entry today. 
      • Check the "Things to Know" section for what you should include in your entry.  
    3. Flipgrid Discussion Board – Click here to visit our class Flipgrid. Enter our class Flip Code: Snyder6
      • Share your thoughts and questions about the first six chapters so far.  What are you wondering?  Anything that is confusing?  Share with the group and respond to each other.


    Share today's work:

    Remember, your work today is not graded, but I'd love to see what you've done. You can share your work with me through Teams, email (jsnyder@cbsd.org), Seesaw, or share your composition book with me when we return to school.