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    April 8th


    Food can make us happy especially if you are like me but try to eat the right food to relieve anxiety. Take a look at the article below to make good food choices to allievate stress and calm your mind.



    April 7th

    Here is another sign that my daughter, Bella made to THANK all of the Healthcare workers out there. Who are you Thankful for today? Here is an article that says it is scienticifcally proven that Gratitude is good for your health.  Maybe make a card or send an email to someone that you are thankful for.  It will not only make THEM feel good but will make YOU feel good as well!





    April 6th

     Listen to the morning annoucements this week and you may hear me speak to the importance of deep breathing, I also talk about finding good apps to help with learning how to deep breathe to alleviate stress.  Below are some great apps to check out with your parents permission of course.

    Stay Well, Stay Calm and Stay Home!





    April 1st


    April is here and although we are still dealing with the "Showers" in the world if you think about the flowers ahead you will smile more.  Today make a list of things that make you smile and share them with someone in the house.  Smiling is contagious and this is the kind of thing we do want to pass on!


    March 31st





    March 30th

    It is a start of a new week but a week that will involve more of the same.   Everyone has heard the saying, It is just the Tip of the Iceberg"  This picture demonstrates just how true that saying is for kids dealing with social distancing.  Take the time to look further than the tip, ask questions and feel free to reach out if you need any help. 

    Stay Well!





    March 26th

    It is always important to spread kindness especially during a time when being kind could help someone feel better physically and emotionally.  Think of things you can do at home to spread kindness.  Help a younger sibling, Help your parents, send kind notes to friends, Facetime with a grandparent or create a Kindness Journal.

    My daughter decided to use her Caligraphy skills and help the KIND LIKE JOEY Foundation by creating some Coasters for them to give to people as a reminder to BE KIND.  What a Great Foundation! Follow them on Instagram #kindlikeJoey




    March 25th 


    This sign was made by my daughter, Bella.  It is exactly what we should be doing during this time.  Take a look at this book for any age student written by someone you may know.  The theme is simple.  Think Positive thoughts and Positive things will happen.


    March 24th

    It is tough to stay focused and motivated during this time. Take a look at 17 apps that you can download to help.  Stay Motivated and Stay Well!

    Stay Motivated and Focused


    March 23rd

    HOPE: (defintion) A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happenSo True!  We need to desire and expect GOOD things to happen.  Take a look at the article below that offers suggestions on how to bring more Hope to your day. 






    March 19th

    I am sure you have heard the saying, Laughter is the best medicine.   In this uncertain time it is not easy to find humor.  Try to take the time to laugh and you will soon see how that laughter helps you relax and smile. Two great strategies to get through tough times.   Take a look at the article below to learn more.  Also, take a break today and play a game, make a list of things that make you laugh or watch a funny movie.  Keep Smiling!  This too shall Pass.


    Math Humor :)

    Math Humor


    March 18th

    It can be tough to stay motivated at home.  Creating a schedule can not only help you get your work done but can make you feel mentally well. It always feels good to accomplish something.  Take a look at this sample schedule and of course feel free to adjust it for your liking.  You can do this!  Stay Positive!!


    Sample Schedule


    Check out this article to help you talk to your teenager about this crisis.


    March 17th:  Happy St. Patrick's Day


    "Don't Be Pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your Heart."

    -Roy T. Bennett

    Coping with Stress during an infectious Disease Outbreak