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    Hey Kutz Cougars...Welcome to Distance Learning!

    Check out what you can do to manage stress, do some fun activities, and complete some guidance lessons while you're at home. 


    For Friday Social-Emotional Wellness lessons, please click on the drop-down tab on the left side of your screen. Students are not required to submit work. Please think about, reflect on and enjoy the lessons instead!



    Click here to see how much the Kutz Staff misses our Cougars!


     Miss Niszczak's Office Hours:

    10:00-10:30 and 1:00-1:30 Monday-Thursday

    and by appointment via email

    Counselor Challenge

    password: Zebracat1

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    Optional Student Activities

    #1 - Identifying Emotions      #2 - Personality Traits        #3 - Communicating Emotions       #4 - Role Models         #5 - Confidence & Self-Esteem 

               Reflection                                Reflection                                                 Reflection                                  Reflection                            Reflection

               Discussion                               Discussion                                                Discussion                                 Discussion                           Discussion

               Scenarios                                 Scenarios                                                  Scenarios                                     Scenarios                            Scenarios


  •  Stay Connected - here's how:

    1.  Connect with your teacher and classmates during your Distance Learning activities 

    Your teachers have planned many wonderful activities for you to do each day.  When you post your responses, you are connecting with your teacher and showing the hard work you are putting into your school work.  There are also many opportunities to post videos on your flipgrid assignments.  Seeing your friends' smiling faces is going to brighten your day!

    2. Connect with a text, e-mail or make a phone call 

    Plan time in your day to reach out to family members and friends in a variety of ways.  Texting is a fast way to interact and can include more than one other person.  Sending pictures and videos is a fun way to see familiar faces from afar.  Use the same social rules you do when you are in person.  Be kind, listen to others, and take turns talking and sharing.

    3.  Share jokes, quotes and funny posts

    Laughing relieves stress and strengthens our connections with others.  Filling your day with positive energy is going to make you feel good.

    4. Use Facetime, Zoom or other software to video chat

    This allows you to see the faces of your loved ones and friends! When you can see the person you are talking to, it can make things feel better.  It will feel as though there is no distance between you.

    5.  Plan a virtual game night

    You can play games with your friends and family without leaving your living room.  Many students connect with Xbox, Play Station or other virtual games.  Make sure you are following Internet safety rules and only play these games with your parents' permission.

    6.  Plan a virtual play date with friends 

    You can use Skype, Zoom or even Facetime to plan to do an activity with a friend at the same time. Set up the time in advance and then connect while you build Legos, build a fort, go on a treasure/scavenger hunt, share a hobby or interest together.

    7.  Set up a virtual club with people who have shared interests

    Join a book club and read and discuss the same books as your friends.  Coordinate with people who enjoy the same interests.  You can start an animal club, doodle club, sports club or any type of club about a topic you love.  Members can problem-solve, research or simply just talk about their shared interests.

    8.  Have a Movie Party

    Pick a movie or TV show that you and your friends will all enjoy.  Plan to watch it and interact and talk about it before, during and after the show.  It can be fun to share our reactions and critiques of what we watch together.

    9. Write a letter

    Writing and sending letters is a wonderful way to show kindness and appreciation.  You will enjoy writing a thank-you letter to someone in the community who takes care of others.  This is also a great way to show family members and friends that you care.  It takes a little extra time and effort to select the stationery you want to  use and write a thoughtful message. You can even include artwork with the letter to really brighten someone else's day.  This will certainly surprise the recipient.  You may even get a surprise letter back!

    10.  Make an effort to talk to one person outside of your family each day

    Think of someone who may be feeling alone during this difficult time. This might be family members who have been separated from you, someone who lives far away, or someone who simply needs a friend.  Think of topics you can talk about ahead of time so you can add something positive to this person's day.  Then enjoy your time together!