• Writing Learning Opportunities for Day 3- Thursday, March 19, 2020


    • Today I will review what happens in spring
    • Today I will review facts and information about Dr. Seuss
    • Today I can write types of sentences
    • Today I will write sentences that begin with capitals and end with a punctuation mark 

    Estimated time:

    • 30 minutes


    • Focus your writing to write about a topic. Think about the main idea and write sentences about that topic
    • Remember- writing different types of sentences makes writing more interesting to read. Statements, questions, exclamations, and commands can be included in writing.
    • Remember- punctuation helps readers understand your writing. Without punctuation, your writing runs together. The types of ending marks tells your reader how to read your writing.

    Three quick things to remember:

    1. Pick a subject for your paragraph. Think about the main idea.
    2. Write a topic sentence about the main idea.
    3. Add 3 or 4 detail sentences to your paragraph to support the main idea.
    4. Try to include different types of sentences.
    5. Proofread to make sure you have capital letters at the beginnings of sentences and punctuation at the ends.


    • Watch and listen to “Spring” on Brainpop Jr
    • Watch and listen to “Dr

                        BrainPOP Jr SPRING

                        BrainPOP Jr Dr. Seuss

    • Green Packet (Spring or March Writing Prompts) page 3- write your paragraph

    *Do not hesitate in contacting me via email if you have any questions.