• Writing Learning Opportunities for Day 1- Tuesday, March 17, 2020


    • Today I will review what it means to write a paragraph
    • Today I will write a paragraph

    Estimated time:

    • 30 minutes


    • A paragraph must contain a main idea expressed in a topic sentence with additional sentences providing supporting details.

    Three quick things to remember:

    1. Pick a subject for your paragraph. Think about the main idea.
    2. Write a topic sentence about the main idea.
    3. Add 3 or 4 detail sentences to your paragraph to support the main idea.

    TO DO Tasks/Links/Activities:

    • Watch and listen to “Writing a Paragraph” on Brainpop Jr


    • Green Packet (Spring or March Writing Prompts) page 1- write your paragraph




    *Do not hesitate in contacting me via email if you have any questions.