• Science - Day 1: March 17, 2020

    Overview: Research a cataclysmic event. 

    Estimate Time: 30 minutes  

    Explanation: In our Earth Changing Surface unit students learned about cataclysmic events.  Please create a passion project on a cataclysmic event.   
    *We ask that you stay away from volcanoes since we have covered this topic with our informative writing in class.   

    Things to know:  

    Cataclysmic event – an event that causes a sudden and dramatic change to the earth’s surface.  

    Possible Passion Project Ideas: Power Point, create a poster, create a video, make a book, create a visual with clay/model magic etc., build a project out of Lego.  Use what you have available at home and be CREATIVE!


    Tasks for Today: 
    *All activities can be completed in your composition book or electronically (Word, Seesaw, PowerPoint, etc.)

    1. Brainstorm: Think back to our unit on Earth Changing Surface and generate a list of cataclysmic events and add them to your composition notebook*.   
    2. Pre-search topics: Using the researching hierarchy, choose one of your topics to read about. If your topic doesn’t hold your interest choose a different topic on your list.   
    3. Plan your final project: Think about how you’d possibly like to present your information.   


    Share today's work:

    Remember, your work today is not graded, but I'd love to see what you've done. You can share your work with me through Teams, email (jsnyder@cbsd.org), Seesaw, or share your composition book with me when we return to school.