• Day 4

    Monday, March 23, 2020

     Happy Monday


    Estimated Time for Activities: 30 minutes

    Explanation of Activities: Add and subtract numbers within 1,000 with regrouping in ones, tens, and hundreds; Subtract numbers within 1,000 across zeros.

    Quick things to know:

    1. Add and subtract by using the standard algorithm of addition and subtraction when regrouping
    2. When regrouping, we can call it “regrouping” or “shifting” the tens. (A parent might think of this as “borrowing” however, we call it regrouping since we aren’t returning or giving back any of the “tens” we needed. 😊)
    3. More specific directions are provided on each sheet/activity that goes along with these lessons.

    Tasks: Add and subtract within 1,000 with regrouping in the ones, tens, and hundreds

    Activities: Complete Activities 1-2 on pp. 22-28 in your distance learning booklet.



    Estimated Time: 45 minutes

    Explanation: Students will apply spelling patterns in words when writing. Students will demonstrate comprehension of fiction text by evaluating text to determine their favorite part of the story

    Tasks:  Complete worksheet to review -ar spelling pattern, practice reading fluency with fiction story, and write about your reading


    1. Phonics: complete the phonics pages that were emailed to your parents to practice the -ar spelling pattern.
    2. Reading: Free Read Friday! Even though it is Monday!  Choose a self-selected book either from a link on my teacher website of from your own bookshelf.  Read to yourself or aloud to a parent, sibling, or stuffed toy. 
    3. Reading Response: On p. 4 of your Distance Learning packet, write 4-7 sentences explaining your favorite part in the story you read. First explain WHAT happened and WHY it is your favorite part. Be sure to use character names!


    My favorite part of Wild Robot is when Roz decides to camouflage herself so that she can learn the language of the animals.  In this part of the story, Roz covered herself in mud and stuck ferns and flowers all over her body.  Then she nestled herself between some rocks and sat there.  This was my favorite part because I thought Roz was being so clever and it made me laugh thinking about her sitting there covered in mud and ferns and flowers.



    Overview:  Informative Writing

    Explanation of Activities:  Continue working on your informative writing piece about a topic of your choice, edit & revise writing to make it your best work, share with an audience

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes

    Quick Things to Know: We want our students to develop stamina for writing. This includes staying focused on the purpose of writing and revisiting a work in progress. 

    Tasks: Continue working on your writing piece


    1. Continue to work on your topic from last week. Reread your outline from last week (your main topic, big ideas, and details)
    2. For your THIRD (and final) big idea, write a single paragraph. Avoid dump trucking your facts/information!  Try to begin your paragraph with a topic sentence and use transition words.  Remember the paragraph we worked on together about the walrus’s body?  Use that as your guide!
    3. Once you finish writing your paragraph, edit for capital letters, punctuation, and spelling.
    4. Read your paragraph aloud to a family member. Ask them to share something you did well as a writer.  Also ask for one suggestion or way to improve your writing.


    You just finished your first distance learning piece of writing!  If you would like to share it with me electronically, mom or dad could snap a photo of it and email it to me. If not, I will read it next time we are together!



    Overview: Use scientific process, scientific thought, and life science to complete three daily problems

    Estimated Time: 20 minutes

    Explanation of Activity: Write questions about weather, make a conclusion about animals using a Venn Diagram, and check out your reflection

    Activities to choose from:

    1. Complete Daily Problem 10 on page 3 of your Distance Learning packet by choosing a weather topic and writing 5 questions you have about the topic. You can draw a picture of the weather and write the 5 questions in your green writing journal. Some weather topics include blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow, lightning, thunder, clouds, etc.
    2. Complete Daily Problem 11 on page 3 of your Distance Learning packet by identifying what animals are being compared in the Venn diagram based on the characteristics. Label the animals on the top of the Venn Diagram. On a separate piece of paper, create your own Venn diagram comparing two animals and have an adult or sibling in your home guess what two animals you are comparing.
    3. Complete Daily Problem 12 on page 3 of your Distance Learning packet by seeing how your reflection changes as you change the angle of the spoon. Discuss your observations with an adult or sibling in your home.



    Overview: Choose an activity to further enrich your learning

    Estimated Time: 40 minutes

    Explanation of Activity: Students choose how to spend at least 15 minutes of their academic time.

    Quick Things to Know: There are many activities, games, and websites to choose from on our class website.

    Tasks: Play a game, listen to a book read aloud, or read some non-fiction books to reinforce and enrich your learning


    1. Finish any of the activities above you were not able to complete in the given time
    2. Math Websites available on class site
    3. Spelling & Writing Websites available on class site
    4. Reading Websites available on class site
    5. Read a book of your choice
    6. Free Write in your green story journal: Write about a topic of your choice in your green Writer’s Notebook. You can write a  personal narrative (tells a story about something that happened to you), fictional story, persuasive/opinion piece, poem or acrostic about a topic, or share your own creativity
    7. Take a walk
    8. Play a board game
    9. Reach out (phone, email, letter) to a friend or relative or teacher 😊
    10. Visit GoNoodle for a movement/brain break

    Today's Special: LIBRARY

    Jamison's Distance Learning Site for Specials:  https://www.cbsd.org/Page/47795