• This is a detailed video about how to fully tune your instrument. Remember - when using the pegs, make extremely small adjustments and push the peg in slightly while you turn it! If you have any questions please let me know!

  • Here are some articles and videos that are full of useful practicing tips! Some of them say one specific instrument, but the information is the same for all of them! Feel free to look through these for some inspiration!

        Music Resource Guide for Students  is a phenomenal website that has everything you could ever need to become a fantastic musician! This includes:

    • Apps and games to help you practice
    • Music theory websites and games
    • Websites to help you learn specific instruments
    • Information on music associations and organizations
    • Music scholarship and grant information
    • Current events and conferences in the music industry, and even...
    • Charity organizations that provide secondhand instruments to those in need!!

    Some other helpful websites include:

    I will be adding to this page frequently - check back for new content!

    Happy practicing!!