• Day 2:  March 18th

    Overview: Reading Articles For Practice

    Estimated Time:  10-15 minutes

    Explanation of Assignment:  Reread article from Day 1 to read.

    Quick Things to Know:  Find a quiet place to read.  Be aware when something confused you.


    1. Pick article from Day 1 to reread from folder (Jump! Jump! Jump!,  The Dove and the Ant,  The Wolf Within, Panning for History, Rosa Parks, How Extreme Should Sports Be?)
    2. Reread the article.
    3. Answer the comprehension questions from the article.
    4. Go back to the article to find the answers.

    Optional Activities:

    Need help:  e-mail me at ekosch@cbsd.org

    BV Distance Learning Page Link:  https://www.cbsd.org/Page/4778.