• Day 3:  March 18th

    Overview:  Reading to Practice

    Estimated Time:  10-15 minutes

    Explanation of Activity:  Choose a different article to read from folder (Lily and Missing Keys, Hippo and Frog, How Tadpoles Grow)

    Quick Things to Know:  Use the Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board(found in folder) to complete the task.  Mark off what you did.


    1.  Choose one article to read ( Lily and Missing Keys, Hippo and Frog, How Tadpoles Grow).
    2.  Complete one tic-tac-toe on the Game Board


    Resource for Parents:  Prompts for parents


    Additional Practice

    • Choose a story from your Sidewalks book.  
    • Use sheets in folder for fun
      • Fluency:  Roll an Emotion!
      • Word Work:  Roll and Read Vowel Teams, er, ir, ur word sorts
      • Comprehension:  I Love This Book! My Notes, Picture Your Favorite Part, Make and Use Fortune Teller, Make and Use Comprehension Bloc
      •   K-2 Reading Website