Overview -  Complete Theme practice 3B

    Estimated Time - 30 minutes 

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment - For this activity you may want to also have out your previous theme practice labled 3A in order to refresh your memory on Theme.  For worksheet 3B of theme, you need to determine if each passage is a summary, or an example of a theme.  Remeber a summary is a sequential list of the events that occured within a section of text, whereas the theme is the reoccuring message that the author wants readers to take away.  I want you all to TRY your best!  We will go through these practice worksheets once we return to school.  

    Quick things to know - Once you identify whether the passage is an example of theme or a summary, you MUST underline specific information in the text that proves it is a theme or summary. 

    • If you need an additonal copy of this practice worksheet, go to our Reading class on Canvas, then scroll down to the IReady module, and click on "Theme Practice 3A and 3B".
    • Write your answers on a separate sheet of lined paper.

    Tasks - Complete Theme Practice 3B and underline supporting textual information within the passage that proves the text is a theme or sumary.

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    READING 9:

    Overview - Finish final IReady online theme practice. 

    Estimated Time - 30 minutes

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment - Finish the teacher assignmed "Theme" lessons on IReady.  This activity should only take you 30 minutes.  If you do not complete the remaining theme lessons within this time frame, that is okay!  You will have time scheduled throughout the rest of the week to finish I-Ready lessons. 

    Quick things to know - Please continue to try your best on these lessons.  While they are not graded, I am monitoring your progress online.

    Tasks - Complete additonal "Theme Practice" IReady lessons online.

    Links/Activites - Canvas Link